Manuel Flores Lasarte

      Hola Robert, thanks for your question! I would say that learners need to understand what they are doing, have the tools to do it well and see the relevance of their class learning into real life. This is where I think DELTA helps you with your teaching and confidence. For example, Paper 1, task 3* and Paper 2, task 2** help you to  better understand the best way of staging your activities and confidently provide your learners with the tools they need for the task. In addition, paper 1, task 4***prepares you to assess the level of your students so that you can confidently focus on what they need to learn rather than having a generic lesson that could be used with any learner. This deep understanding of language and skills needs + materials, together with the understanding of methodology and approaches, was really helpful in building my confidence as a tutor. It is also extremely useful when designing ELT materials. That’s why I think DELTA is a great qualification to have if you want to further your career and boost your teaching confidence.

      By the way, you’ve been over a decade in Madrid and I’ve been over a decade in Sheffield! It feels like an exchange! :). I hope you’re enjoying living in Madrid! I’m quite happy in Sheffield but love going back to Madrid when I can!

      Seguimos hablando, (Let’s keep the conversation going),


      *Paper 1, task 3:  here you need to identify 3 language features a learner would need to know in order to do the task well

      **Paper 2, task 2: identity purpose of activities and stages in the material presented.

      ***Paper 1, task 4: identify strengths and weaknesses of a learner’s writing or speaking extract.