David Read

      @timr I really like your activity, really forces them to think about the use of the structure and checks their understanding

      , I like the activity focussing on form where they put the words in the correct place in the sentence. Having the distractors there is good as it stops it becoming a mechanical activity. I think the other activity (read the sentence and answer the question) was a little stressful to complete, simply because of the reading required while the text is moving. I think that kind of task works well with individual words (e.g. the word tomato and they choose fruit/vegetable), more challenging when it’s a longer stretch of text. Can you look at wordwall again and think of a better format for that kind of activity?

      I think a similar thing applies to your T/F exercise, it becomes less about their ability to understand and more about their ability to read moving text ;-) Can you think of a different format to put it into? The cloze test, however, was a nice check of both form and meaning!

      Re the font, I’m not sure there’s much you can do about it, I think you can change the style of font, but don’t think there’s much you can do with the size.