I agree with others. I havn’t tried the audio yet because it seems takes time which I guess from the comment of @jomtindall, but I will try maybe next month. I’d like to try to make interactive video later.

      It was well designed and I felt that we can learn step by step. In that sense, probably we can learn about audio, column and other tips in the next unit, not in this unit, because for me it’s full enough. I have made a Japanese content to check whether it works in Japanese  and it was just great.

      The content was great, especially for the reading material, though a little bit tough. I believe this book will become a bible (a or the??) for me, also.

      Now I have a quetion about the article. I wanted to ask you in the zoom session but I have a hoarse voice now, and don’t know whether I can attend in the next session or can speak, so I’d like to ask here.

      1. I would like to know about the “metaphors of learning”. I do understand and I agree the “Knowledge Construction” will work well from the cognitive theory view. In my experience, most Japanese (except for the younger generation) really love the “Information Acquisition” type of learning, and most Indonesian love the “Response Strengthening” type of learning. They often ask me to deliver such kind of class rather than Knowledge Construction type of class even they enjoy it. They say it is because they are already be used to such classes. Is there any good idea to change their mind, because they think the way they are used to is more valuabel (because full of information, or because they are forcerd to study). Any frank idea is welcome.

      2. This is just from my curiosity. How much time will you spend on these 2 pages in unit 11 about coffee if you teach?

      3. This is not a question. About the wordwall font size problem I asked last week. Now, I found the reason. It was because the words and the sentences were too long. Now I could share Japanese version to some Indonesian participants (caregiver candidates). If any of you would like to see Japanese, just click the link below.