Tim Radnor

      I agree with @tania-pacheco that, with paraphrasing for a pre-sessional, students are likely to have different knowledge levels (unless we are assuming zero knowledge of paraphrasing when they start the course – which would be worrying for that level!) I like her idea of mini-quizzes and other activities at the beginning to help refine the input so that (a) it is not too complex and (b) avoids extraneous or excessive essential processing. What I think students need for paraphrasing is a lot of practice i.e. generative processing opportunities – I would set up opportunities for writing paraphrases & comparing with both other students’ versions as well as a model with tutor comments. This is easily done in an asynchronous e-learning format. I would also suggest that students choose their own texts to paraphrase (perhaps as part of a writing project they are already working on) as this would give more ‘motivation’ and meaning to their practice & a ‘deeper understanding of the core material’ as the text mentions this is part of generative processing.