ann clayton


      and @jomtindall thanks for the advice re audios.  @Helen I like the look of your audio and flashcards.

      The activity raised a lot of issues mainly to with uniformity of appearance the text is very higgledy-piggledy. Is it possible to get the  text in the various different types of activity to be uniform, it seemed to vary (or am I just putting in in the ‘wrong’ box?). Also can you add images to the text boxes in multiple choice or hints and tips?  Tips to help mine look more interesting/uniform would be appreciated.  @David, is it possible to get the audio on the documentation slide to look like the standard black line (like Helen’s) rather than the icon.  This was part of a column activity

      The drag and drops are good for reading for meaning as well as identifying  specific vocab and I like the idea of having to type the letters (reinforcing spelling) for the crossword