Nicholas Northall

      Dear All,
      Thanks to those of you who have contributed to this forum task. It has been great to learn more about your experiences, motivations for taking the course and expectations.

      It looks like there are lots of similarities within the group from living in different countries and teaching in a variety of contexts to impressive existing qualifications (and not all teaching related!!) and hoping to learn from and support each other over the coming weeks and months.

      You are all expecting Delta Module One to be challenging, yet rewarding, and see it as a way to reflect on your current practice, develop both your theoretical knowledge and practical teaching skills as well as potentially opening the door to further career opportunities.

      I am sure as the course progresses, you will find that you have lots more in common (as well as lots of differences too!).

      If you haven’t yet posted in this forum, please feel free to do so. You can also comment on each other’s posts too.