Richard Davie

      @Amon Ezike, your comment

      Navigation and design: You might consider moving the course unit up after or before the course news and update. Clicking on course homepage, I am expecting to see the course unit, instead one has to scroll down to see the course unit.

      Yes, agreed. When I go to Course Home, I kinda want HERE NEXT screaming in my face. But that’s partly (or wholly) because I’m incredibly impatient in these environments. (I’m the nightmare bloke in a shop standing bemused in front of the self-checkout machines… You know the kind. I apologise on behalf of all of us.)

      In terms of course material, it’s all learning to me,  but

      • The Promises & [Lies/False Promises?]… anyway, that article seemed to oversell the substance behind the Promises… They didn’t all sound much like Promises or broken ones, except maybe in the context they were addressing in 2010/11. But so long as it covers what we need, no harm in having not-so-great things to read.
      • The WordWall does seem oriented toward very limited tasks with an abundance of additional sound affects and  :yahoo: style magazine visual etc. that wouldn’t suit the contexts I’m catering for. The severely locked down format (at least in the freebie version) also limits the visual design of what you do. Interestingly, in their standard ‘front-window’ to each task, the explanatory text at the bottom of the screen is easily lost against the background. What you notice and click even before thinking about it is the big PLAY ME arrow in the centre. What was useful, though, is it did pose the stark challenge of trying to boil a point down to its testable/taskable minimum. Useful, if frustrating.

      I think I’ll find the HP5 (or whatever it’s called) in the next unit more useful for my stuff.