Richard Davie

      Man, you all went for broke on this one!

      / @juliet

      I thought I’d try avoiding the Right/Wrong answer format and do something with the initial discussion tasks. So I’d design a series of answers to the questions about people’s coffee habits (and also having to build in ‘other’ or some flexible catch-all answers), which they could then accumulate and post on an associated message board (Padlet?)

      Summary looked perfect for this as you can accummulate your answers into a single ‘document’ (the format stinks–vast blocky headings overshadowing the actual answers, unless that default can be changed), but it’s orientned towards a single right answer as far as I can tell.

      Any way to do what I’m aiming at throught another tool?

      (BTW nerdy question: is this just descendent of the old HotPotatoes tool from the 90s?)