Robert Dailey

      Hi Erica,

      Just coming back to you about your question below:

      You called bottom-up processing a strategic approach while you define top-down processing as a skill approach, can they be both skills and strategies according to the use you make of them while reading / teaching reading? I am also more tempted to define bottom-up as a strategy, but still can it function as a skill as well? 

      I guess that I see (perhaps incorrectly) a logical connection with bottom down + strategy and top-down + skills because I connect (again, perhaps incorrectly) the former with lower-level learners and the latter with higher-level  learners. Perhaps a (sub) skill, like for example, identifying discourse markers, could be a strategy if a L needed to develop in this area (and was not, therefore, skilled in it.) Perhaps a bottom-up processing task like decoding letters and grammatical structures could become a skill when it becomes automatic. Would you see this in this way?

      I hope this answers your question – and have a great weekend!