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      Manuel Flores Lasarte

          Motivation is very important for language learning. To know a little bit more about it, let’s start reflecting on this topic by completing the following sentences with two or three ideas per person. You do not need to refer to any other posts but keep coming back to the forum as I will add more discussion questions once most of you have posted your answers. We will use your posts to think of strategies to motivate our learners so make sure to add your initial ideas as soon as possible! 

          1. I wanted to learn English (or another language) because…
          2. I don’t mind working hard when/if …
          3. I lose motivation when/if…. 


          For example:

          1. I wanted to learn English to be able to travel and speak with people from different countries.
          2. I don’t mind working hard if I have a clear purpose. 
          3. I lose motivation when the activity is too difficult or too easy for me.
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