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      Beth Melia-Leigh
        1. Share your 3 areas of good practice and 3 areas for development with the members of your working group.
        2. You can use the group forum for your discussion or any other means of communication you established in Unit 1.
        3. From all the ideas shared, decide which 3 areas of good practice and 3 areas for development your group think would be most beneficial for the trainee teacher. 
        4. When you have decided on your points for feedback, one person from each group should share to this forum.
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        Jane McKinney

          Here are some thoughts from Group A (John and Jane)

          For a novice teacher, we were pretty impressed with her performance.

          Positive points
          1.  Good range of activities on a familiar topic, staged appropriately to allow input and repetition.
          2.  Implementing checking techniques to ensure students understood instructions
          3.  Positive and enthusiastic manner and had generated a productive environment

          Areas to work on

          1.  Board work – write with larger letters and don’t use red pen.
          2.  Visuals – seemed very small and flimsy – maybe mount them on card and have blu tack to put them up on the board? (Who remembers their early teaching days with a teaching box full of classroom essentials?)
          3.  Tighten up on some of the phonology points being made

          Because we weren’t too clear on the aims, we weren’t sure how she could potentially personalise the language a bit more.  There’s also the suggestion of using a classroom timer on the board  to help generate a bit of pressure for some of the activities.




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            NANEES ASGHAR

              Hi Jane,

              classroom timer is a great idea. It really spices up the task and works wonder with time management.

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              Fardin KARAMI QEBCHAQ

                completely agree

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              Gabriela Cazan

                Here are some thoughts from Group D:

                a) 3 strong points:

                -use of visuals

                – use of ICQs

                – monitoring


                b) 3 things to develop:

                -blackboard usage

                – when giving feedback on content, maybe she could have asked students what their partner had said, instead of asking some of the students the same questions again.

                -post feedback consolidating exercises/activities  are needed. (We aren’t sure she did it, as the video was only 30 minutes long.)

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                John Rustage

                  My feedback on the games lesson was nearly identical to Jane’s. I would only add that I wish I had been that confident and coping as a novice teacher.

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                  Beth Melia-Leigh

                    Dear All,

                    Thank you to Group A and Group D for contributing to this task and sharing your feedback. I agree with John that I wish I had been as confident as her when I first began teaching!

                    Both groups agreed that the use of ICQs was a strength and that board work was an area for development. Group A highlighted the teacher’s manner and variety of activites as further strengths, while Group D picked up on monitoring and use of visuals as key strengths.

                    We have a good example here of how the same area can be seen as both a strength and an area for development as Group A, while presumably believing the use of visuals to be a positive (this is linked to the range of activites), suggests how they could be further improved.

                    Group D further suggests focusing on developing feedback stages as an area to work on and Group A highlights the need to focus more carefully on certain phonological aspects of the TL. Nanees’ comment also suggests that time management could possibly be highlighted as an area to work on (I very much like the timer idea btw).

                    I am attaching the feedback the teacher received on this lesson for you to compare with your ideas. As you will see, it very much focuses on the positives, which is a reflection of the purpose of this unassessed lesson.

                    Thanks again,


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                    Angharad Vernon-Hunt

                      Hi everyone, apologies for the delay in posting these but Nosheen and I have settled upon the below key strengths and areas for improvement for the trainee teacher that we observed – I promise we haven’t looked at the feedback form that Beth shared above yet ;)!


                      1. Use of ICQs

                      2. Her friendly and approachable manner (including giving something of herself away when she spoke about learning poker at a young age.)

                      3. Good range of activities / interaction patterns


                      Areas for improvement:

                      1. Whiteboard use – red pen better for highlighting/phonemes etc!

                      2. Visuals – the bits of paper at the beginning were fiddly and didn’t seem very professional

                      3. Use more nomination during f/b and get involved more when monitoring to allow her to meet one of the aims of the lesson – to get to know the students and learn their names.

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