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      Beth Melia-Leigh

        Once your group has decided on its top ten qualities and skills of a teacher trainer, one person per group should share the list here.

        As other groups add their lists, compare them with your group’s. What similarities and differences are there? Everyone should take part in the discussion.


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        Jane McKinney

          Here is the contribution of John and Jane in Group A (Fardin, please feel free to adjust and add to)

          In no particular order:

          1.    Be prepared and be prepared to have to think on your feet too

          2.    Be confident and encourage confidence

          3.    Strike a balance – be hard working but don’t burn out

          4.    Take different cultures into account – in terms of approach and choice of materials

          5.    Allow for different personalities and give space for them to share in their own way

          6.    Listen to trainees’ self-evaluations in order to allow them to justify any decisions made in the class that the observer may have highlighted for criticism/comment

          7.    Be better-read in teaching theory than the trainees but be humble and prepared to learn from the trainees

          8.    Be tactful and supportive, respecting  confidentiality

          9.    Model good classroom ‘presence’ – positive, enthusiastic and well-organised

          10. Know when to hold the line on theory/practice and when to explore other viable approaches

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            Marcia Clarke

              A well compiled list. I totally agree that taking different cultures into consideration is  key.

              Thanks for sharing Group A.

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              Fardin KARAMI QEBCHAQ

                Well I would like to share my ideas but i saw u have mentioned everything. :heart: :good:

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              NANEES ASGHAR

                Quite a list Jane, just goes to show you that being a trainer is work!

                I quite agree that a trainer needs to consistently develop his/her personality and knowledge in order to be effective.

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                Gabriela Cazan

                  Here is the contribution of Gabi and Nanees in group D (we couldn’t find Mary).

                  Qualities of a teacher trainer

                  1)      Knowledgeable: You cannot teach others what you do not know. Your trainees will definitely ask questions, so you should be able to provide answers.

                  2)      Organised and effective at time management: Trainers should know exactly what they intend to do, and they should not waste trainees’ time with irrelevant points. Also, a trainer should respect the trainees’ time and not keep them longer than established because they couldn’t manage the time allotted to each activity during the workshop.

                  3)      Patient: as with students, a trainer also needs to be patient with the trainees (who are teachers) because they are also people, so they need time to understand and internalise the information. In addition, we do not think a trainer should be pushy and demand everybody be active and share their ideas in public, as some teachers may be shy, less self-confident, or simply acquire new information by being silent and just observing most of the time.

                  4)      Able to get his/her message across: In our experience, we have met both extremely well-prepared teachers and teacher trainers who could not make themselves understood. We think being able to make others understand is what makes the difference between a person born to teach others and the rest of the academic professionals. You can be knowledgeable, you can be a walking encyclopedia, but if you do not have the skill of getting your message across, you will not be able to be a good teacher or teacher trainer.

                  5)      Entertaining, enthusiastic, funny, witty: We could say they go hand in hand. People will most certainly appreciate lively trainers who can create an enjoyable atmosphere.

                  6)      Collaborative: Good trainers should know the importance of collaborating with fellow trainers to create a more fruitful learning experience for themselves and for the learners. They should be able to create and execute collaborative strategies and exercises.

                  7)      Continuous Learner: A good trainer needs to be a passionate and a consistent learner. He/she should be willing to invest time and energy in reviewing, researching and experimenting.

                  8)      Versatile and adaptable: Good trainers should be able to adapt and change with and in different contexts and scenarios. They should be able to create and tweak resources to meet specific needs of the trainees /learners.

                  9)      Competent at digital literacies: It’s absolutely necessary for the trainers to be tech-savvy. They should be able to create opportunities, for themselves as well as the trainees, to use it productively.

                  10)   Culturally aware/sensitive: This is easier said than done. To handle a multi-cultural class/course along with all the biases and stereo-types that such an environment entails, is a nurtured skill.



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                    Jane McKinney

                      I would fail miserably on number 5! :-( I’m enthusiastic but I often tell my students I’m not there to entertain them :yahoo: .  Maybe this is an aspect I need to work on but I think there’s generally a jovial and enjoyable atmosphere.  I’ll try and find the class joker and let them do the witty bits. :wacko:

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                      NANEES ASGHAR

                        Hi Jane, If you have an enjoyable atmosphere in the class, you are doing fine!  :good:

                        Humor to me means having a rapport in class, I totally agree that a teacher is not there to entertain. :yes:

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                      Angharad Vernon-Hunt

                        Nosheen, Aysha and I agreed that a good teacher trainer:

                        -has good people skills (is approachable, is a good listener etc)

                        -has good classroom and time management skills

                        -has patience and empathy

                        -gives effective feedback

                        -is flexible (open to new ideas, able to ‘think on his/her feet’, can problem solve)

                        -has experience/knowledge of the field

                        -is reflective of his/her practice

                        -is up to date with new trends and resources

                        -is resilient

                        -is creative

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                        Beth Melia-Leigh

                          Hi everyone,

                          Firstly, thank you very much to groups A, B and D for contributing to this forum task. Group C, please feel free to add your list if you are able to. Also, please do remember to read, and comment on, each other’s posts.

                          Here is a summary of the contributions so far. Although each group’s list was unique, there were some similarities between your suggestions and, overall, I would say that the main important areas you identified were as follows:

                          An effective teacher trainer should…

                          • have good people skills (e.g. be approachable, patient, supportive, tactful, empathetic and a good listener). The pastoral side of the role will be explored more in Unit 8.
                          • be organised and well-prepared with good time management skills; be hardworking BUT – an excellent point made by group A – make sure you avoid burnout and do look after your physical and mental wellbeing.
                          • be flexible, e.g. able to think on your feet and open to new ideas – learn from others, both fellow trainers and the teachers you work with; be versatile/adaptable, e.g. able to respond to the needs of the teacher you are working with, take into account different cultures, personality types, etc.
                          • be knowledgeable, both in terms of theory and practice; be reflective in your own practice; remain up-to-date and continue your own learning. However, just as with teaching, you must be able to convey this knowledge in a meaningful and accessible way (good point group D).
                          • demonstrate effective classroom skills/model good practice, e.g. by creating a positive learning environment, being enthusiastic, etc.

                          Group D also mentioned the need for good digital literacy, which I agree is becoming more and more important nowadays. In addition, groups A and C both mentioned points specific to observations and feedback, namely the importance of being able to provide effective feedback and also giving the teacher the opportunity to reflect on and justify their classroom practice. These are really good points, which will be covered in some depth in Unit 6.

                          I hope that this task, and, indeed, the unit in general, has helped to raise awareness of some of the key qualities and attributes needed to work with other teachers and that you recognise many of them in yourself!

                          All the best,


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                            Jane McKinney

                              Hi Beth

                              I think John’s and my comment about allowing teachers to justify their actions comes from our own experience.  Sometimes there’s been something in the class that has caused me to make an on-the-spot decision and the observer may not have picked up on why this happened.  If there’s no post-class discussion, sometimes judgements are made that have not allowed for that bigger picture.


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                              Nicholas Northall

                                Hi Jane,

                                This is a really good point which we explore further in Unit 6 (Feedback).



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                              Aurelia Cristiana Serban

                                Hi, everyone. I am Cris –  starting BaTT late as I have been very ill for weeks. I am now making up for lost time and I will contribute fully from now on. I could not find my group for this particular task (maybe because it was set for last week) to add some ideas on top qualities of a TT, but everybody’s contributions have been enlightening and thought-provoking. I look forward to working in groups for the following units/lessons.

                                I would like to add some qualities – some have already been highlighted by the other participants though:

                                –         consistency regarding teaching approaches and trainee evaluations

                                –         desire to excel in our domain, i.e. commitment to lifelong learning/continuous professional development

                                –         collaboration with other trainers: exchange of practices/ideas/experiences may lead to the skills enhancement of all involved.

                                Thank you

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                                  Jane McKinney

                                    Nice to meet you Cris.  I hope you’re feeling better.

                                    I like your third point about collaboration – important in many ways, not least to offer support when we’ve had a bad day.


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