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      Juliet Parfitt

          Please respond to this forum post to add your Articulate Review link . We’d like you to comment on two other people’s content, but please do that in the margin in Review, not here in the forums. The group you are in for commenting is:

          Group 1: Andrew Burke, Zsofia Tarjani, Sue Everest

          Group 2: Rob Jackson, Robert Anderson, Olga Mudraya-Whitehouse

          Group 3: Paul Middlemas, Naomi Rabin, Jonathan Rowland

          Group 4: Georgina Lloyd, Brenda Allen, Aaron Darmudas

          When you share your link, please tag the other people in your group (e.g. @david here is my link) so they know the content is ready for comment.

          What to comment on?

          When looking at each other’s content in Review, please focus your comments around these areas:

          • Identifying effective navigational design to manage information flow and cognitive load
          • Aspects of the content that gives student control and choice
          • Meeting the principles of effective content design (multimedia, contiguity, coherence, personalisation, context etc)

          You only need to make 4-6 comments on each person’s content.

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          Sue Everest

              Here is my link for Zsofia and Andrew

              and @andrew please be kind! I’ve been pfaffing around. I think I inadvertently started using a template which then seemed to prevent me from adding colour to backgrounds. I couldn’t always get the suggested activities to work, so had to think of something else, e.g. column in h5p for more than 1 true/false question? Also got in a pickle with the various hierarchy of headings etc. At least it was a learning curve!

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                Juliet Parfitt

                    Sorry @sue – I didn’t specify on the doc where to find more than one T/F question in H5P. I have corrected it now to say Quiz (Question Set) T/F, but you found a way to do it with a column.

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                  Paul Middlemas

                      Hi, here is the link to the review360 for my attempt at this lesson. Thanks

                      Talking about yourself and others



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                      Brenda Allen

                          And here is mine:

                          Talking about yourself and others

                          for @georgie_l and @aarond, thanks

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                          Robert Anderson

                              Here’s my link for @robj and @olga

                              Talking about yourself and others


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                              Andrew Burke


                                  Took me bloomin’ ages.

                                  Me, my hobbies and preferences


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                                  Robert Jackson

                                      Just managed to do a couple of lessons:

                                      RJ Test


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                                      Naomi Rabin

                                          Here is my link, sorry it is very late @paul-m and Jonathan Rowland!

                                          Also took forever, really struggled with the H5P Documentation tool at the end, so it’s definitely not right – glad it’s only a test

                                          Naomi’s course, talking about yourself and others

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                                          Zsofia Tarjani

                                              Apologies but am a bit behind schedule. Here is my link (the content is incomplete but hey..:)) Talking about yourself and others.

                                              and @andrew

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