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      David Read

          Please add any comments about the first unit, particularly in the following areas:

          1. Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content?
          2. Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation?
          3. Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?
          4. Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging?
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          Akiko IWATA

              I enjoyed the unit 1.

              1. Navigation and design: It is very easy to understand. Even though I might had rather good English education compared to other Japanese, I don’t use English in my everyday life, just read a little, but still I never get lost so far.

              2. Content: Very useful. Especially “passive voice” was very practical because I myself have a little difficulty teaching passive sentences in Inodnesian language to Japanese students, but after reading the contents provided, I have more clear view to explain about it. Also, the examples before it (Britich newspapers and bad design) are very easy to understand with the way it provided. (I can click and answer the questions and so on.)

              3. Timing: I suppose I need much more time than other participants because I don’t use English in my everyday life as I mentioned above, but it’s my situation. So far, I think it’s OK.

              4. For me, it is enjoyable because challenging enough.

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              Linda Roth

                  1) I agree with Akiko that the course is easy to navigate and understand.

                  2) I have already picked up several pointers with regard to slide design, although I’m not sure to what extent I have managed to put all of them into practice on my presentation. I think I still need to develop my skills using Google slides – I find them annoyingly slippery at times and so have not managed to do all the slick animations that are demonstrated on the course. But, yes, useful for sure.

                  3) With regard to timings – I spent quite a long time on the slides (see above-mentioned incompetence) but the amount of reading / tasks is fine.

                  4) Not too challenging, no and I like doing the matching exercises!





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                  David Read

                      thanks @tinkerbell and @akiko, very useful feedback on the unit, we always appreciate it as it helps us adjust and improve for the future.

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                      ann clayton


                          Navigation was clear and easy to follow

                          The content is really useful, I’d forgotten how to animate slides (perhaps went a bit mad on my presentation).  The personification of slides would be very useful in an online course where the teacher would not be very visible.  I can see the value of the approach, but I will need to practice it.

                          Timing; the reading took me a while, but that’s probably lack of practice

                          I felt the material was just challenging enough, I learnt but wasn’t frustrated (easy to find stuff online about animation).  The example slide show was really valuable.

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                          Amon Ezike

                              Navigation and design : The course and content was easy to navigate

                              Content : Content very useful as it gave me the opportunity to think of my content design for online consumption. I liked the practical aspect as it gave me the opportunity to use google slides which I really didn’t like initially cause I am used to MS ppt. However, I think I might start exploring it more.

                              Timing : I think the 4-5 hour timing is fine if one designates the appropriate time and avoids distraction

                              Difficulty : The challenge was the right level.

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                              Joanne Tindall

                                  I’ve enjoyed Week 1. It has got me reflecting on how to present language in a  more accessible way. I really enjoyed thinking about how to best present passive voice and work on Google drive which I have not done before. It felt a bit daunting, but I managed to do it and that was a good feeling.

                                  In terms of navigation, it has been really easy and I have even been looking at stuff on the train via my smartphone and that was easy too.

                                  I initially had an issue accessing your website from university as the site was blocked by our firewall. On further investigation by the IT team, they found that the web address had been incorrectly labelled as adult media! Not sure if anyone else had that problem or it was a mistake with our specific firewall!

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                                  David Read

                                      thanks @ann-c, @amon246 and @jomtindall for your feedback, always really helpful. Amon, good to hear the timing seemed right, it’s always such a difficult thing to judge as people work through content at different speeds and come to the course with different levels of background knowledge.

                                      Jo, I’m a bit shocked that our content is identified as ‘adult media’! I’m curious to know what part of the website caused that alert.

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                                      Joanne Tindall

                                          <p style=”text-align: center;”>The home page address, David and any other urls with a slash after that…</p>

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                                          Lynne Newcombe

                                              I have enjoyed unit 1, after initially being scared of seeing 68 steps and thinking that was just unit 1. I am struggling to spend a chunk of time doing this, but it is easy to dip in and out of the content as and when I get time.

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                                              David Read

                                                  thanks @lynnen, appreciate the comments, hope you manage to keep up with it!

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                                                  Tania Pacheco

                                                      Hi David,

                                                      I’ve enjoyed Unit 1. I had difficulties with my concentration when reading the article as it has been long long time ago that I have not done that! What a pity that the article was not animated (multimedia principle) B-)

                                                      Navigation: easy to navigate for me and clear instructions.

                                                      Timing: It took me more than 5 hours, but that’s me I am a very slow learner.

                                                      Difficulty: It was manageable for me.


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                                                      Helen Shaw-Cotterill

                                                          Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content? I generally find the navigation of these courses easy to follow.

                                                          Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation? I design a lot of the materials for teachers for one of the ELTC courses so its really useful to think about what changes I can make to lesson materials I create or edit.

                                                          Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours? It was certainly doable but I spent a lot of time (as I saw other teachers did!) animating the sidles (and faffing around with them!!!).

                                                          Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging? It was easy to follow :good:


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                                                          David Read

                                                              thanks @tania-pacheco @helen-sc for your feedback, very useful. :good:

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                                                              Richard Davie

                                                                  Cheers:  the walk-through of principles has been very useful. I’d actually come across Garner & Alley before via a 2009 simplified professional mag. version of their ‘Thesis plus evidence’ format (I have a PPT slide pro-forma for just that purpose–though I seldom ever use it). In case you don’t know it (unlikely) and need a slimmer version of their idea to hand, the reference is:

                                                                  • Garner, J.K., Alley, M., Gaudelli, A.F., & Zappe, S.E. (2009), ‘Common Use of PowerPoint versus the Assertion–Evidence Structure: A Cognitive Psychology Perspective’ in Technical Communication 56.4 (November): 331-45

                                                                  I found the ‘make your own slides’ exercise very demanding, at least to do the thing justice (and fell far short of confining it to 4 slides, and took way longer than the 90mins., though that was my choice). Even just of one of the simple aspects of the passive seems so stripped of context and important detail when reduced to 4 slides, but that’s because I was still thinking of it more as a ‘lesson’ rather than simply as single element of one. I also had to get my head around a specific audience in a specific context before I could get to grips with it.

                                                                  What this has also brought home is the danger of excessive info. density on a slide; but also the Q: are we designing slides to optimise real-time uptake or as some longer-term archival reference as well? (There’s also the balance between low-density slides and ending up with far too many of them.) There’s probably no ideal answer to all that.

                                                                  Anyway, thanks for getting me to think about these things.


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                                                                  David Read

                                                                      thanks @egq22rd (Richard) for your feedback and thanks for the reference, I’ll definitely chase that one up. I take your point (or question) about why we’re designing the slides. It’s not so much about real time uptake – in the sense that this course is not really about designing slides for live delivery with a teacher – but rather getting you to think about the principles with a tool (slides/powerpoint) that people are familiar with. I think it does create a little confusion as teachers inevitably design slides with a live audience in mind, but overcoming that barrier is one of the goals of the course, though it will take a little time!

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