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      David Read

          Please add any comments about the second unit, particularly in the following areas:

          1. Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content?
          2. Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation?
          3. Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?
          4. Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging?
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          Paula Villegas Verdu

              So, Feedback for unit 2

              Navigation and design: very user friendly
              Content: really useful! I am looking forward to using this tool although the limitation to 5 activities is not so great. I am probably going to be ‘editing content’ just to be able to re-use it for different sessions
              Timing: This one took me less time than the first one, I think ‘Wordwall’ is very intuitive
              Difficulty: It was great! I found the screen-recoded videos with the voice-over particularly helpful to know where I needed to click :good:

              Added bonus – I used Chrome and had 0 issues

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              David Lincoln

                  Navigation and design: easy to follow.

                  Content; I am already using it and thinking about it  in slide design for coursework materials .

                  Time: It took me a bit longer for the first unit.

                  Difficulty: It was fine. Just about right. Although I had to read the article twice.

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                  Allison Dresner

                      Really interesting week found it relatively easy to navigate – like the extra resources and this course although containing theory is mainly practical which is ideal as it means we can help our learners almost straight away by including these ideas, principles and tools.

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                      Thomas Leach

                          Another really interesting week. It’s been a while since I’ve been in classroom so Wordwall is new to me but I think it’s a nice warm up to the more serious software coming later. The use of Wordwall was pretty intuitive. The materials didn’t take long to get through and I didn’t find them difficult. The only thing I struggled with was embedding in the comments section. It just wouldn’t work for me when I tried direct copy and paste or even using a bit of html.

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                          Julie Ibdali

                              I have to agree with the others as it has been another really interesting week.  I use BB to set up tests, so I found Wordwall quite easy to use (very suprising for me).  I found the Zoom meeting really useful and am now looking forwrd to the other sessions. The readings are good and they give a purpose to the practical tasks.

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                              Jemima Perry

                                  Navigation and design: I’m getting more used to the layout of the site now but at first I found it confusing that you have to scroll down past everything else to get to the units. Also, I sometimes find it tricky to get back to the units after coming to the forum.

                                  Content: Very useful and completely relevant for me. I’ve learnt so much already, especially the zoom session about how to improve google slides. Revelatory!

                                  Timing:Yes, I could do all the tasks in the suggested time.

                                  Difficulty: I thought the tasks were well scaffolded and not too difficult. I felt like I needed a bit more info for the designing slides task  – I wasn’t quite sure what was required.

                                  Overall, really enjoyed the week, many thanks!

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                                  Caitlin Coyle

                                      Navigation and design: Yes, easy to follow

                                      Content: Stimulating and good mix of theory and practice, like others have mentioned. The Zoom session was very good for scaffolding learning too I thought. Good to meet peers and tutors.

                                      Timing: Unlike the others, I think this unit took me a bit longer than the first. However, I think it was mainly as I had a pre-sessional induction this week. Hence I was getting tired of long days on the screen. That’s probably the main reason.

                                      Difficulty: Ok, I think. Wordwall seems user-friendly as many have already pointed out. It was good to continue to develop the same slides to see how basic info./ knowledge-building could be expanded into activities requiring more practical application.



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                                      sue robbins

                                          Navigation and design: very straightforward (would be nice if I didn’t get logged out if keep the tab open in my browser during the day ;-) )
                                          Content: I was already familiar with Wordwall. Very much looking forward to H5P next week
                                          Timing: yes, it was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours

                                          Can I ask:

                                          1. Which platform are you using for this site – WordPress?
                                          2. Are most of the interactive tasks made using Storyline?
                                          3. Is it possible/desirable to use a combination of Storyline and H5P without it looking clunky?

                                          Thanks. Sue

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                                          Rachel Beresford

                                              Navigation and design: Clear and easy to follow.

                                              Content: Really interesting. I hadn’t used Wordwall before, but the videos made it very clear, and as others have commented, Wordwall is pretty intuitive.

                                              Timing: Yes, it was possible to complete all of the material in the suggested time.

                                              Difficulty: The level felt about right. The activities were well scaffolded, and instructions were clear, so even though a lot of the material was completely new for me, it didn’t feel too difficult.

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                                              Juliet Parfitt

                                                  @suerobbins yes this is WordPress. Some of the interactive tasks are made with Storyline. Examples in this unit are the sample lessons on intros and conclusions, presentations, and preparing for a lecture. After your first reading task, there was a drag and drop summary and T/F question made in H5P.

                                                  I think a combination of H5P and Storyline works well, especially as some task types can lend themselves better to one or the other. We often start with Rise (which you see in week 4) and embed them into there.

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                                                    sue robbins

                                                        Thanks, @juliet. Good to hear that a combination works well, and also good to hear you’re using WP as your platform as it looks fab! I’ve recently set up a WP site to save my h5p creations to, but am getting a message that I need to upgrade to the Business Plan (£240 pa) in order to install the h5p plug-in. Do you know if there is a way round that? For example by buying the domain name (a personal plan is much cheaper)? I have the option of saving to Canvas, but need to set up something speedily before the 30-day trial runs out and there’s a ton of bureaucracy about getting a Canvas site without a course code (shoot me now). I think the subscription rate for Rise/Articulate 360 is pretty steep too…

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                                                      David Read

                                                          @suerobbins you shouldn’t need to pay to use h5p with WordPress – we certainly don’t! But it might depend on what kind of WordPress site you are using. There’s two kinds: the site is essentially a blog with very limited functionality. What you need is to host your own WordPress site, this will allow you to install whatever plugins you want, including H5P.

                                                          You can do this for relatively cheap through various companies that offer WordPress hosting, such as Siteground. If you go to this page of their site, you can set up a WordPress site relatively cheaply (about £3 a month). You should then be able to use that to install the h5p plugin and host the content.

                                                          If you want a one-to-one meeting about this to explore the options, I’m happy to do so.

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                                                          Aline André

                                                              Feedback unit 2

                                                              Navigation and design: Easy peasy
                                                              Content: very useful; I loved learning about the Wordwall site.
                                                              Difficulty:  As others have already said the lesson was well-scaffolded.

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