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      David Read

          Please add any comments about the second unit, particularly in the following areas:

          1. Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content?
          2. Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation?
          3. Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?
          4. Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging?
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          ann clayton

              Navigation and design: mixed range of activities, clear to move through sections

              Content: Looking at the examples from other course participants and the course material was interesting and useful (and daunting). The live session provided opportunities to ask questions and learn more and see practical application e.g. moving animations around, available icons.  Are there alternatives to word wall?  The effects on the example course presentations were a lot more subtle and would be less intrusive if you were designing a longer presentation.
              Timing: This probably took me a little longer, spread over a few sessions
              Difficulty: The material was helpful.  Thanks.  Are there any how to guides (not video) for things like up-loading wordwall?  I have taken notes, but I know they will be in a vast jumble of other notes by the end of the course!

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              Tim Radnor

                  Comment on your question about the note-taking tool: I think note-taking is about personal preference at the end of the day. I am in two minds about embedding notes documents into tasks, though. On the plus side, they are immediate, easy-to-use and you can get your thoughts down quickly and also do things like copy and paste questions or quotes from texts that are useful. On the downside, it doubles work for people like me who like to keep paper-based notes on a course. Also, if notes are offered within an e-course maybe students feel it is part of the task rather than just a study skills option?

                  Re. the rest of the course, I am still working through it but find the reading interesting but surprising in parts!

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                  Linda Roth

                      I found this unit interesting to work through and not especially difficult, though I am having to make an effort It’s late Sunday  afternoon now!) to make sure that I keep with the course!

                      By the by – am I the only one who finds that published articles often state the bleeding obvious in a pseudo academic way, as in, just getting course participants to click around doesn’t lead to learning …?

                      Who would have thought it!

                      However, I am particularly happy to now know what  Wordwall is, though it’s a shame that we are limited to creating such a small number of activities, as it’s easy to put something together and fun to use!

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                      Tania Pacheco

                          I’ve enjoyed this unit, specially the creative side, of re-thinking my ppt and how to adapt my exercises into a more interactive way with Wordwall, the tool was very useful. I wish this kind of websites would give teachers the opportunity to use them for free.

                          I was looking for one specific exercise on Wordwall about typing and filling gaps as I wanted to create an exercise of how to change sentences from active voice to passive voice but I could not find it, so it took me a while to think about of another exercise. I am not sure whether I’ve structured them well.

                          Regarding this course, it is taking me more time that the advertised in each sub-unit, for example I was not able to read the 24 pages of the article in 30 minutes, maybe because I like to take notes as well. I think, I’ve mentioned before that I am a slow learner :cry:

                          Overall, I am enjoying it! Thanks! :)


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                          Helen Shaw-Cotterill

                              It was interesting to learn about Wordwall and see the options available. It was fairly easy to create an interactive task for students to try and I like the different options available. I thought it could also be used to create an in-class end of unit synchronous quiz to check students’ progress. They could use the QR code and complete it on their phones.

                              Timing was fine (it’s just been a busy week for me at work!) and the material was suitably presented.


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                              David Read

                                  thanks @tinkerbell, @tania-pacheco, @helen-sc for your feedback and agree about Wordwall being a decent tool but limited by the price restrictions. Still, I suppose they have to make money like we all do ;-)

                                  Linda, your point about articles is a valid one, and you will meet that again in this course, bit of a bug bear of mine as well but I suppose that’s the nature of academia.

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                                  Amon Ezike

                                      Navigation and design: You might consider moving the course unit up after or before the course news and update. Clicking on course homepage, I am expecting to see the course unit, instead one has to scroll down to see the course unit.

                                      Content: Learnt new things like the wordwall, even though the free option is a bit limiting. But was good practice
                                      Timing I guess is subjective, not sure my time management has been great. I guess if one focus on the given task based on the allocated time it might be alright.
                                      Difficulty: The material was quite good and the video examples given are quite helpful.

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                                      Richard Davie

                                          @Amon Ezike, your comment

                                          Navigation and design: You might consider moving the course unit up after or before the course news and update. Clicking on course homepage, I am expecting to see the course unit, instead one has to scroll down to see the course unit.

                                          Yes, agreed. When I go to Course Home, I kinda want HERE NEXT screaming in my face. But that’s partly (or wholly) because I’m incredibly impatient in these environments. (I’m the nightmare bloke in a shop standing bemused in front of the self-checkout machines… You know the kind. I apologise on behalf of all of us.)

                                          In terms of course material, it’s all learning to me,  but

                                          • The Promises & [Lies/False Promises?]… anyway, that article seemed to oversell the substance behind the Promises… They didn’t all sound much like Promises or broken ones, except maybe in the context they were addressing in 2010/11. But so long as it covers what we need, no harm in having not-so-great things to read.
                                          • The WordWall does seem oriented toward very limited tasks with an abundance of additional sound affects and  :yahoo: style magazine visual etc. that wouldn’t suit the contexts I’m catering for. The severely locked down format (at least in the freebie version) also limits the visual design of what you do. Interestingly, in their standard ‘front-window’ to each task, the explanatory text at the bottom of the screen is easily lost against the background. What you notice and click even before thinking about it is the big PLAY ME arrow in the centre. What was useful, though, is it did pose the stark challenge of trying to boil a point down to its testable/taskable minimum. Useful, if frustrating.

                                          I think I’ll find the HP5 (or whatever it’s called) in the next unit more useful for my stuff.



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