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      Juliet Parfitt

          Please add any comments about the fourth unit, particularly in the following areas:

          1. Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content?
          2. Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation?
          3. Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?
          4. Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging?
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          Zsofia Tarjani

              Navigation and design: very easy to navigate as usual.
              Content: creating content/materials is very useful and I really enjoy the process of trying different tools
              Timing: this took a bit more for me as I edit things five hundred times….
              Difficulty: yes, really well-scaffolded and tasks built into each other ( I liked that I had to embed/contextualise the H5Ps that we’d made)

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              Brenda Allen

                  Navigation and design: I found this unit a little more approachable than the last, possibly because of the five (rather than six?) clearly defined sections.  After the suggestions and reminders last time, the navigation worked even better than before.

                  Content: I really loved the video review and the practical application of underlying theory.  Articulate Rise looks to be a flexible and impressive – and very pretty – tool, once mastered.

                  Timing: The third task with examples of Rise together with the instruction videos would have been a push to do properly in the two hours max estimated, I feel, unless simply dipped into under pressure to produce an end result.  The fourth task, creating the materials, took me significantly longer that 90 mins – as mentioned in the forum – and that was for an admittedly pretty flawed first attempt.  I think these things do take time to assess and get the hang of and absorb.  Personally, I like to re-visit things and gain new insights each time, building up expertise and, hopefully, new heights of inspiration and perfection.  I’m sure others have different approaches and, of course, different experience to bring to bear – so, as ever, this is just my personal take, if useful.

                  Difficulty: I definitely found it challenging, which is all for the good in the long run.  I would have been far too terrified to attempt it without the presence of David’s very patient, step-by-step instruction videos with their clear illustrations.  I do, however, confess to sometimes trying new moves out by trial and error in the first instance – only to revert back to the instructions when thwarted.  I found the little Question Mark guidelines on the original materials especially helpful.  It was surprisingly rewarding to be able to pop the H5P tasks we had already completed into the Rise lesson.

                  This gave an important sense of culmination and achievement :yahoo: . (Blithely ignoring how very much more there is still to learn.)  So, in essence,  I’d say the scaffolding was fantastic!

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                  David Read

                      thanks @zsofit and @azurial for your comments, all incredibly useful in helping us see if our objectives and timings are realistic. Brenda, glad you found the videos useful, we only added those on the previous course due to demand and participants feeling a bit overwhelmed, so it’s encouraging to hear they are having an effect.

                      Timings might be a little unrealistic as you suggest, this is something we definitely need to come back to and possibly rethink for future courses.

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                      Sue Everest

                          Hi @david and @juliet I’d like to use this space here to ask about google sites? I wasn’t able to join either of the zoom sessions and I believe that some links were shared? Could you tell me more, please? Thanks

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