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      Juliet Parfitt

          Please add any comments about the fifth unit, particularly in the following areas:

          1. Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content?
          2. Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation?
          3. Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?
          4. Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging?
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          Helen Shaw-Cotterill

              Timing was OK – obviously in this unit we’ve got more tasks to create and sequence so it takes longer. I’ve nearly finished my 4 ‘lessons’ – just need to create the Q & A for the reading tasks. I’m away this weekend and Monday so won’t have time to finish it before Tuesday but I think it will be another hours’ work. It will probably take me about 3 hours creating the whole sequence.  It’s enjoyable but it’s just a question of finding the time to fit it all in!

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              Akiko IWATA

                  Hi. I’m happy I’m still alive after engaging this tough task. : )

                  1. Navigation and design: Well designed as usuall, and well navigated.

                  2. Content: Very useful.

                  3. Timing: It took far more than 4-5 hours. I could choose to quit at a certain point, but I need comments on what I have decided is appropriate or not.  And it also took time to check the flow, consistency of signs or fonts etc, the location of “continue button” (because when I use arrows to change the location tu up and down, sometimes I misclick the block). So it took another one or two hours to check after I thought I have finished.

                  4. Difficulty: Very difficult and challenging but I satisfied with this task.

                  I would like to add some to support the comments above.

                  Lesson objectives in the storyboard are not appropriate when I see the lesson content. It said “vocabulary of families” but there is no information about families in the content given, so I created something suitable in my view (voca:family members though it is quite easy for the expected learners). It also said “understanding of the use of present simple”, but there was no explanation in the content, so I add another lesson which for me will become one solution (and add exercise using the third singular, etc). It took more than an hour to decide what to add and how to add. It concerns a matter of designing the content of a lesson, and I think this is the most difficult part to create materials. I belive these corelations (between the objectives and the contents, and between the grammar item and exercise) are very important from the aspect of cognitive load.

                  At first, I just created according to the storyboard, because I couldn’t imagine what it would be like by just reading it. Then, after I made it, I found that the storyboard doesn’t contain enough information to creat the unit, for example the “continue” button, or sometimes I think there would be a better choice. Probably I have traced the same process to create a new lesson/unit by myself from the materials I have as a hard print/content. Even the storyboard looked perfectly-designed, I’m sure that we will always find something is missing when we create materials using digital tools just like we experienced this time. We have to find the best solution according to our point of view or the situation.

                  I have a question about “estimated time”. At first, I thought it’s better to indicate estimated time in each chunk (until the “continue” button), but because I created small vocabulary kind of cards, it seems so annoying if indicated in each chunk. Some activities will not take even 5 menites. So finally I just use the “estimated time” which was provided in the storyboard only, but I think the learners might think that I forget to put the time.

                  I have a technical question. I couldn’t find the way to show outlines on the sidebar just like this course (5 topics etc), though I believe it is important to enhance learners psycological engagement. How to do it?

                  Another technical question. I wanted to enable learners who understand the key points to skip a part of the lesson (to increase the learners’ choice) , but I failed to find the way. I can link to a web page or other contents, but I couldn’t link to a different page on the same content.

                  I wanted to change some of the words in the sentences of quiz in H5P and some misspellings but run out of energy… :wacko:


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                  Tania Pacheco

                      Hi all!

                      My reflection and feedback:

                      Navigation and design: Good and well designed, easy to navigate.
                      Content: Very useful and thoughtful content for each task with plenty of support and “how to do guides”, quick reply to any doubt. Thanks!

                      Timing: Personally, I have spent 15 hours doing this task, I guess it is because I am still learning the tool Articulate Rise and I like to explore and try the different options such as fonts, colours, layouts, etc… So I was very engaged and I did not mind to make mistakes and start again when I accidentally deleted my tasks.

                      Difficulty: As we had the chance to build up the knowledge previously with H5P and one task for Articulate Rise, this time was not that difficult, I have explored other areas such as how to add links, embedding and changing the code to make the boxes smaller, etc … and I was trying to find whether there is an option for hovering over but it does not exist.

                      My difficulty with the Unit was not the planning of the each individual task, because thankfully we had the storyline word document with support and ideas of what tasks and tools to use, that was VERY helpful (it was a long process to create each task – copying and pasting and making everything is ok and in the right place) that was fine to me, it made me aware of time management and optimisation of tools such as recycling previous tasks, cloning on H5P and saving already made layouts to reuse it later on.

                      It was the organisation of the whole Unit that it took time, this means making sure that it has coherence (that’s my weakness), making sure that there is uniformity of colours, basically that the whole lesson makes sense from beginning to end.

                      At the end of the whole process, I was satisfied, although I would love to develop my skills on how to make it look good. For example: learning about combination of colours, design, how to make it attractive, not just in the engaging side but also in the cosmetic area, catching the eye of the user sort of thing and making sure that the lesson looks professional and not patchy. I hope this makes sense!

                      Overall, I am loving the whole process of learning these learning tools! Thanks again! :rose:

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                      David Read

                          Thanks @helen-sc @akiko and @tania-pacheco for your feedback, always useful and insightful and genuinely helps us for future courses. @akiko you make a good point about the objectives in the storyboard not completely reflecting the content. We actually removed some of the content from the storyboard because it was too long but left in the objectives so you could see the direction the content was heading in, but I appreciate that it does cause confusion and will correct that for future courses.

                          Regarding the estimated time, I think it’s absolutely your decision to include it for each activity or not, it’s great that you are looking at this critically and thinking about what would work best for you and your students. It can be useful to indicate how long activities take as they may not be doing the whole lesson in one sitting so they can use the timings to help organise how much they can do (‘Ah, I have 30 minutes, so I can do the next two activities before class’). But I absolutely agree that it may be annoying to have the timings next to lots of short activities.

                          You asked about creating the headings in the sidebar. It’s not something that is done automatically in Rise, but you can create your own headings above lessons by typing the lesson name and then clicking shift+enter instead of just enter. This will create a heading rather than a lesson. You can see in the picture below I’ve created one. However, you need to type the name of the heading yourself, e.g. I typed Unit 1: the Basics (2 topics). If you added more topics/lessons later, you would have to go back in and manually change the number (e.g. to 3/4 topics)

                          Hope that helps! :good:

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                          ann clayton

                              Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content? Yes, there was just a lot of stuff to take in.  Seeing other peoples was really interesting to compare approaches
                              Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation? –
                              Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?  This took me at least 11 hours and I could have kept on going…..I want it to look better and had lots of questions about adding pictures/google docs/navigation bars and text size
                              Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging  The story line doc was very helpful.  One challenge I found was linking the content together in a meaningful way and with the original learning outcomes

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                              ann clayton

                                  @david @juliet I am having problems installing articulate 360, have tried various user names and saved password (and user name) , but no progress.  Any ideas please? On windows.  thanks ann

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                                    David Read

                                        hi @ann-c, is this on your home computer or one at work? And when you say you are having problems installing it, at what stage are you? Have you downloaded the software and installed on your computer? If it is only the login stage, have you tried the one you use for Rise? They should be the same.

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                                      ann clayton

                                          @david.  Hi David, its a work computer at home.  I am talking to tech about it. thanks

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                                          Richard Davie

                                              As @tania-pacheco said, “thankfully we had the storyline word document with support and ideas of what tasks and tools to use, that was VERY helpful”. Absolutely! To think of viable language learning content/tasks at the same time as learning the Rise ropes and ensuring consistency etc. — cognitive overload would be the word for that!

                                              My concern at the moment is running out of time on my 30-day Rise trial (I didn’t want to get embroiled in the LinkedIn link-up for the 60-day, not realising Rise would be basic for the rest of the course.)

                                              I’ll see how I got but I might need to use alternatives?

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                                              Amon Ezike

                                                  navigation and design: Navigation and content was easy to navigate
                                                  Content: The storyline content was good as it help save time
                                                  Timing: Timing was alright just having that 4-5 hours to give is difficult
                                                  Difficulty: The material was good with useful ideas on what to use.

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