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      Juliet Parfitt

          Please add any comments about the sixth unit, particularly in the following areas:

          1. Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content?
          2. Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation?
          3. Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?
          4. Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging?
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          Akiko IWATA

              1. Navigation and design: I think it’s OK. This time we have more practice time for storyline and for it we need to read guide or watch videos, so it’s balanced in design. Navigation was also good. First, we had a brief outline by the videos, then a small task. After that we had to struggle with rather difficult task, but the task was not too complex, so I think it’s fair.

              2. Content: Very useful, because the task is given step by step, otherwise I will quit doing this task and it means I won’t use this tool.

              3. Timing: It took more than 5 hours in total even I found Japanese Storyline guide (he he he ;-) )

              4. Difficulty: Not too much difficult, because the content I created is not complex. But to master at least the several tasks, actually I need more time, which means maybe it’s a little bit difficult for me.

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