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      David Read

          Please add any comments about the eighth unit, particularly in the following areas:

          1. Navigation and design: how easy was it to navigate the course and content?
          2. Content: how useful is the content to your teaching/working situation?
          3. Timing: was it possible to work through all the content in the estimated 4-5 hours?
          4. Difficulty: was the material suitably scaffolded or did you feel it was too challenging?
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          Thomas Leach

              As always I thought the content was really useful and it made me think about video editing which I’ve been looking into a bit for myself. I liked the videos explaining Clipchamp but I didn’t actually sign up for it myself this time as I have the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and don’t think I’d end up using that particular product.

              It didn’t take that long to do everything but I also kind of rushed it a bit this week and think that shows in what I created. It wasn’t too difficult except working out how to download YouTube videos. I also kind of wish my H5P trial was little longer because it seemed to more easily make interactive videos that the Articulate software.

              Another enjoyable week. Thank you.

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              PANAGIOTA TZANNI

                  I had no idea about video editing and it seemed something difficult to do, but this unit changed my mind!

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                  David Lincoln

                      I struggled with the video editing, especially the transitions. My son informs me it is down to practise and then he had to show me how to upload the youtube  video to H5p which I used. I got it eventually but your comments would be useful. I’ve used some  video tools before but I still think I need more practise. Another enjoyable week. :good:

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                      Bernadette Kelly

                          Another very enjoyable week – made more so by the fact that for once I’m up to date.


                          Thank you.


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                          Paula Villegas Verdu

                              A nice beginner-friendly introduction to video editing. I think I loved the fact that we did not need to use storyline. I am however starting to worry about being on top of the units and completing the final assessment on time, I am all worries though so this may be just me! :scratch:

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                              Jemima Perry

                                  As always I found the videos really good and easy to follow. I then tried to apply them to teaching myself how to use imovie as I think you said Clipchamp quality wouldn’t be very good, but I have to admit that I didn’t find it very easy to navigate, so went back to Clipchamp. I see that it’s recommended on one of the blogs though so I need to go back and have another go.

                                  I also found it really useful to watch other people’s video content – helps me to see what it possible! Many thanks

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                                  Caitlin Coyle

                                      Navigation and design: :good:
                                      Content: :good:
                                      Timing: :good:   but as I’d used Edpuzzle before it may have been quicker than if I had used another tool
                                      Difficulty: still need to work with Clipchamp. I could trim and snip initially but then when I tried to move everything forward I think changed the order of the clips. I ended up with two lines of clips rather than one continuous stream. I  also recommend Clipchamp change their name to Clipchimp and get a nice friendly monkey avatar à la Duolingo (who have got a little owl) ;-)

                                      I was wondering about transitions. Is there anything worth bearing in mind with learners with epilepsy?

                                      I was thinking about instrumental music as well. I think for example there are varying views of the permissibility of instrumental music in Islam (potentially in other religions too- I am unsure) but maybe this is worth bearing in mind too.


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                                      Aline André

                                          Navigation and design: all good

                                          Content: I enjoyed learning about Clipchamp and video editing. Here in my house, we have already played with it and produced homemade videos. I am planning to use it in the future.

                                          Difficult: I have used iMovie in the past, and I feel comfortable with that tool. It is always good to learn about different tools and the videos helped me to play with Clipchamp.


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                                          Natallia Novikava

                                              I’ve finally got round to this unit and everything was brilliant, as usual. I’ve still struggled with Clipchamp but the videos are of great help.

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