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      Juliet Parfitt

          Please share your 3 to 4 course outcomes below. Come back and compare yours with others to see how similar they are.

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          Robert Anderson

              How about this? I tried to keep it down to a minimum.

              By the end of this course you will…

              • be able to evaluate the effectiveness of digital learning materials based on key design principles.
              • be able to create a range of effective and engaging interactive activities using appropriate authoring tools.
              • be able to design learner-friendly digital material consisting of a cohesive and logical sequence of interactive activities that help students to achieve clearly-defined learning outcomes


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              Zsofia Tarjani

                  By the end of this course you will be able to……

                  • understand and apply the key design and cognitive science principles when planning engaging, interactive and learner-centred digital content
                  • evaluate the effectiveness of  existing and your own digital materials using these design and cognitive science principles
                  • choose the most appropriate digital tools to create a positive, learner-centred and motivating online learning environment

                  I’ll  stop here :))

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                  Brenda Allen

                      Current course outcomes

                      1. To identify and apply key principles to the creation of digital learning content.
                      2. To learn how to create digital learning content in line with current theories of optimal learning. 
                      3. To be able to critically evaluate digital online materials with reference to these key principles and learning theories.
                      4. To familiarize ourselves with a range of digital authoring tools.
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                      Juliet Parfitt

                          Very nice and compact outcomes, combining principles, creation, and evaluation.

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