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      Juliet Parfitt

          Please share your 3 to 4 course outcomes below. Come back and compare yours with others to see how similar they are.

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          Akiko IWATA

              Hi! These are the course outcomes from my point of view.

              1. Be able to identify and apply six key principles of multimedia to create effective digital content that reduce cognitive load for learners.

              2. Be able to design learners controll digital contents.

              3. Be able to identify and use authoring tools such as Wordwall, H5P, Articulate Rise and Storyline as well as videos for effective interactive engagement.

              4. Be able to create/design effective syllabus and identify measurable outcomes.


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                Richard Davie

                    I’ll free ride off Akiko’s, if I may… (thanks!)

                    Spot on, though I would add there were 6 core principles and bunch more that we were also made aware of.

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                  David Read

                      @akiko, yep, I would be very happy with those as the objectives for this course :good:

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                      Tania Pacheco

                          Hi everyone!

                          A little bit late, but I am having a go…

                          I am not sure whether I can beat Akiko, hers are excellent!

                          By the end of the 10 weeks course, you will be able to….

                          1. analyse closely the structure of your own online practice and apply 6 principles to create measurable learning objectives and outcomes.

                          2. design a variety of activities using different authoring tools such as: Wordwall, H5p, Rise, Storyline, etc…

                          3. challenge yourself editing a video of your choice

                          4. read selected articles that will help you to reflect on your own online learning designing skills

                          5. create a coherent course of your choice applying the 6 principles of multimedia consciously


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                          Joanne Tindall

                              Great Tania!

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                              Joanne Tindall

                                  Instructional Design Learning Outcomes:

                                  1. Be aware of the key theoretical principles of instructional design

                                  2. Be able to start to use a variety of  instructional design tools

                                  3. Be able to start to integrate theory and practice to create engaging interactive online content

                                  4. Be able to create an online course

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                                  Tim Radnor

                                      You will be able to:

                                      apply six principles of multimedia design to your own teaching materials


                                      create a series of mini-lessons/activities using a variety of digital tools for learning and teaching


                                      create a lesson which employs several of the digital tools and principles studied and justify the choices made in the design process

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