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      David Read

          Please share the link to your presentation below and also add short answers to the following two questions:

          1. How does creating quizzes in Storyline compare with, say, H5P or Articulate Rise?
          2. Is there anything in the quiz tools that you still find confusing (e.g. Why can’t I do….? Is it possible to…..?)

          Do try to take a look at a couple of other presentations created by participants but don’t feel under obligation to comment on them as we will do that.

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          Thomas Leach

              Here’s my activities. FYI the feedback for wrong answers gets slightly meaner as you progress.

              Passive activities


              There’s defnitely an added level of depth to Storyboard and I think it can allow you to get a lot more creative than H5P or Rise. But I also think it takes a lot more work to achieve nice looking presentations. Perhaps the influence of PowerPoint.

              I wouldn’t say confusing but some of the activity types seem identical. For example, I did a gap fill and a text entry activity but couldn’t really see a difference between them. Is there any difference between them?

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              sue robbins

                  I finally got round to creating the ‘passive’ presentation from last week… :wacko:  You can see it here in Articulate review. If I wanted to add any of the quizzes I created in the last topic, can I do that? Or do I have to create new quizzes in these slides?

                  I’m going to use the slide as part of the final assessment so I hope it’s OK to submit some of the same work twice! ;-)

                  How does creating quizzes in Storyline compare with, say, H5P or Articulate Rise?

                  • Both H5P and Rise are quick and easy to master, whereas Storyline had taken up rather a lot of my time! It took me about 3 hours to put the slides together rather than the suggested 2. It’s an investment definitely worth making if you plan to use Articulate 360 (inc. Storyline)


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                  Paula Villegas Verdu

                      My homework is here! I have no idea why when I do drag and drop the text does not disappear.  I didn’t get hotspot to work ( well I did but had to add trigers manually….is that how it is supposed to work?)

                      I reluctantly agree with the idea that storyline is indeed very useful and has tons of cool stuff that nicely fit with the principles. It is still my least favourite one ever. :mail:

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                      David Lincoln
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                          Allison Dresner


                              Here is a storyline I did on Parts of Speech it includes a drag and drop activity and the markers used for extra information




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                              Caitlin Coyle

                                  Here is my content:


                                  My poor avatar looks a bit like Stretch Armstrong at times :-)

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                                  Natallia Novikava

                                      Here is my presentation:

                                      1. I still have to think every time I need to create a layer, a button or a trigger so it’s quite time-consuming. I agree with Sue: it’s worth investing time if you know you’ll be using Storyline extensively. It certainly offers lots of choices.

                                      2. Is it possible to adjust the length of the two halves when creating a matching drag-and-drop task? I had sentences with subjects on the left and the rest of the sentences on the right and they didn’t fit in the box.

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                                      Bernadette Kelly

                                          mine is here

                                          1. It’s okay but I think gets much easier the more you use it – like everything.

                                          2. Still haven’t worked out how to put a feedback button on the actual slides rather than in the black surround.

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                                          Jemima Perry

                                              I’m experiencing problems (more so that usual!) with Storyline. I’m wondering if it’s because my Parallels trial has come to an end. Weirdly I still seem to be able to use the Microsoft desktop but Storyline doesn’t seem to be working properly. Has anyone else been able to / had problems continuing to use Storyline on an out of date Parallels trial?

                                              One of the main problems I’m having is that content I’m trying to add keeps going over the edge of the slide. I’ve tried changing the view and the slide proportions but it hasn’t helped. i wasn’t having this issue before so I think it must be to do with the fake Windows. Here’s an example of what I mean.



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                                              Julie Ibdali
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                                                  Aline André

                                                      Here is my activity

                                                      Aline_Passive voice_experiment

                                                      I tried to have the tick icon on the slides for my first activity, as David showed us in the live lesson, but I couldn’t do it. So, after few attempts, I gave up trying it.

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                                                      Rachel Beresford

                                                          Here are my activities:


                                                          In general, I am finding Storyline a little more difficult to master than Rise or H5P, but think I just need more time to practice!

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