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      Manuel Flores Lasarte

          The following materials are taken from an upper intermediate coursebook to teach phrases for casual conversations. Choose one of the following class profiles and explain how you would adapt the materials for that particular group of learners for a 60-minute lesson.

          Group profiles – choose one

          1. A group of teenagers in their final year before going to university. They are all from China and some of them might study in the UK the following year. They are doing an upper-intermediate coursebook but the average level is actually strong intermediate. They work well in small groups but they don’t like speaking in front of the whole class. They are not confident in speaking so they need a lot of controlled practice before they can actually feel confident with the language. 

          2. A group of business people from different nationalities doing an intensive course in the UK. They feel comfortable with each other and enjoy speaking activities. They are a strong upper intermediate group and some of them are lower advanced. 

          3. A group of young Spanish adults doing evening lessons twice a week in Spain. They are all from the same nationality and enjoy speaking activities but need to work on their pronunciation. They all have the same level, which is upper-intermediate. 

          You don’t need to provide a lesson plan, just notes such as the following: 


          When you have submitted your ideas, comment on at least one other post. You can comment on the similarities and differences between your adaptations and explain what you like about your classmates’ adaptation of materials. 

          You can do this activity on your own or with the same people you did the grammar task in week 5. 

          Deadline: by the end of Wednesday 16th June

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