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      Nick Murgatroyd

          If you have any feedback or comments at the end of the first unit, we’d appreciate them. These can be comments about the content itself or about the site and the ease of use. However, please don’t feel under any obligation to add anything here if time doesn’t permit.

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          Wiputra Cendana

              I love the way how you guide by giving step by step instruction. It makes me learn how to do it as well. I think the visual of paddlet in the instruction helped us a lot to stop and check what paddlet that we have produced. It is so insightful for me personally. Thanks.

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              Gulcin Cosgun

                  It was useful to observe a lesson and see how the tool is used by other teachers. I also found the reflection questions you posted on the video very effective. Thanks.

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                  Ian Coleman

                      I really liked the way the unit was organised – very motivating. Really enjoyed watching the lesson too. Looking forward to the next unit!

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                      Sulfikar Sulfikar

                          The content of this unit is really useful. The step by step on how to use Padlet are easy to follow. I would like to suggest to put the Course Content at the beginning above the Course Forum instead of at the very end. Also when we click the Course Forum, I kinda lost on how to go back to the previous page. Clicking the arrow button of the browser takes me to the home page.

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                          Siti Asmiyah

                              I really like the step by step organization of the material and tasks. The reflection questions are also useful for me to recognize not only what  I have understood about the lesson and how my experiences are related to the lesson. I also appreciate the extra resources provided.

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                              Gez Edwards

                                  Thanks for the feedback everyone :-)

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