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          In the previous topic, you were asked to try out using Padlet with your class (or with colleagues/kids if you were not teaching) and to make some notes on the following areas:

          • How effective was your use of Padlet for the students? Did they engage with it? Find it interesting? How easy were they able to add information to it?
          • How confident did you feel setting up the task with the students? Did you experience any difficulties?
          • Do you think that using Padlet added anything to the students’ learning and engagement with the lesson?

          Please can you add your ideas to this topic by replying below and sharing your experiences. Also, it would be useful to come back a few times and respond to any comments that other people have made, either about their own lessons or about yours.

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          Wiputra Cendana

              1. As I conduct some of science lesson with inquiry method, using paddlet helped me to show how we can use this platform for the tuning in method. All the prior knowledge could be captured before we start the lesson. They find it interesting. It was easy to add the ideas in it.
              2. I feel more confident to use paddlet in my teaching practices. There is no difficulties so far.</p>
              3. The students may start to articulate their thinking in a written form and appreciate others thinking by reading it. It helps to accommodate popped up ideas as well in the paddlet as the parking ideas place too.

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              Siti Asmiyah

                  I have used Padlet with my students and with the participants of professional development trainings.

                  How effective was your use of Padlet for the students?

                  Yes, it was really effective as students/participants can not only share their ideas but also comments on each other posts.

                  Did they engage with it?

                  Yes, they were very engaged.

                  Find it interesting?

                  They find it really interesting.

                  How easy were they able to add information to it?

                  For my students, they found it easy to add information. But for my training participants, depending on their age and their digital literacy skills, some still found it difficult to add information. But I think they just need to have more practices of using it.

                  How confident did you feel setting up the task with the students?

                  I am very confident.

                  Did you experience any difficulties?

                  So far, there is no particular difficulties other than that the number of padlet I can create. As I am using the free one, then if I have exceed the number of padlet created, I need to delete the former padlet.

                  Do you think that using Padlet added anything to the students’ learning and engagement with the lesson?

                  Yes, it does. Students/participants not only learn the content but also the technology. As padlet can be customized then it increases their engagement with the lesson.


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                    Ian Coleman

                        Hi Siti, really nice to read your post. I’ve been thinking about this issue of needing to delete or archive padlets to make way for new ones – I’m going to try out the ‘shelf’ function to make a class Padlet that we can add to over the weeks. It might become very large and cumbersome though!

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                      Gulcin Cosgun


                          Padlet is an online tool that I also use a lot with my students. I feel confident setting up the tasks and have never experienced difficulties. I find this online tool effective because it helps me create an online bulletin board and I use it for different purposes such as providing information to my students on any topic, giving feedback, collaborative writing and so on. I ask my students to type the information or record their voices on the Padlet. I can also use it for both synchronous and asynchronous learning assets and they find it quite interesting. I think that using Padlet contributed to my students’ learning and engagement with the lesson because I could turn the activities into a collaborative task. My students used Padlet to build language by practicing the target writing skills and getting feedback. They could also see what their friends wrote and evaluate each other’s production referring to the criteria I had shared with them.

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                            Ian Coleman

                                Hi Gulcin, I really like the idea of using it for collaborative writing. I’ll give it a try!

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                              Ian Coleman

                                  How effective was your use of Padlet for the students? Did they engage with it? Find it interesting? How easy were they able to add information to it?

                                  I used Padlet with one of my IELTS classes. Having recorded my own speaking part 2 example, I got them to record their own and self/peer assess by posting comments. It definitely created a bit of a buzz, and their feedback was a bit more substantial than usual, so definitely a hit in that sense. They found it easy to access (I displayed the QR code for the page) and they had no problems recording and posting (they’re all 17-20 years old, so all ‘digital natives’ – it would be interesting to see how an older class takes to it.)

                                  How confident did you feel setting up the task with the students? Did you experience any difficulties?

                                  Pretty confident. Maybe I overdid the instructions a bit – they seemed to be able to handle it themselves.

                                  Do you think that using Padlet added anything to the students’ learning and engagement with the lesson?

                                  Definitely more dynamic than the usual exam role play, and I like the fact that they’ll be able to go back to the Padlet to track progress in future lessons, and use the feedback to set goals for next time.

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                                    Dawid Juraszek

                                        Hi Ian, yes, I’d also be interested to find out about any differences between the way younger and older  students’ approach it.

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                                      Dawid Juraszek

                                          As I’m on holiday now, to do this task I contacted my colleague about how Padlet could be used in our classes and how we ourselves would feel about using it as students.

                                          On the plus side: a visually appealing platform, easy to use, with enough functionality to make class assignments convenient and attractive.

                                          On the minus side: Yet another app to clutter my and my students’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Where I work, it seems every teacher expects students to use a different set of apps.

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                                            Nilsa Pereyra

                                                I’ve tried Padlet in my class as a homework to discuss some reading they had to do for our next lesson. They got engaged and commented on their reading! We’ll discuss their points of views during the class next week. It was easier and more engaging than asking them to comment on the class forum!

                                                I even risked it and gave the expanation myself of how to use Padlet for the ones who haven’t used it, I can’t believe that I did it right. Easy to use and explain.

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                                              Gez Edwards

                                                  Thanks for all your comments @wiputra @siti-asmiyah @iancoleman81 @ggcosgun @dawid

                                                  It’s good to hear that you’re getting confident using Padlet and seeing useful applications like tuning in at the start of a class, summarising and sharing student ideas, peer comments and teacher feedback.

                                                  It sounds like your students really benefited from the collaborative aspect @iancoleman81, and I’m sure that as you say @siti-asmiyah, the less confident students will find it easier with more practice.

                                                  The limited number of Padlets can definitely be annoying without an institutional account. It’s good to keep in mind that you can use other email addresses to sign up and get more padlets. That way, you can give your other email account ‘administrator’ rights and then you can still share padlets through your main work email.

                                                  You make a good point about overloading students with lots of apps and bits of software, @dawid. Making critical choices about when and what type of technology to use is really important, and something we’ll look at later on in the course.

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                                                  Zi Yang

                                                      Padlet is an effective online tool used for both online courses and face-to-face courses. At the very beginning, students were not used to that and needed time to be accustomed to it. However, once they felt comfortable with it, they were well-engaged, because I set it anonymously.  Students had no pressure to express their ideas or show their work in front of others. Some active students even added comments to their peers. They were more active in writing on Padlet than speaking directly in the classroom.

                                                      To be honest, I’m a novice in using technologies to teach EAP. I tried to figure out the functions of Padlet myself, but there were some difficulties. However, after reading the instructions in this course, I found something new and more efficient about Padlet. Now, I’m very confident to use it.

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                                                      Gez Edwards

                                                          Thanks for sharing your experience, @zi-yang. That’s a good point about anonymity: it can definitely help less confident students to contribute anonymously to begin with.


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                                                          Dwi Wulandari


                                                              I notice that my students (young people) enjoy using technology, so using padlet is advantageous as it really increases students ‘interest.

                                                              Previously, I seldom use it, only at the beginning of the semester, to increase their interest.

                                                              To be honest I am very novice at using technology for teaching. I am only accustomed to using a few of those, including padlet. It always takes time for me to prepare, so that’s the difficult part.
                                                              hopefully, through this course, I will be able to get rid of that difficult part and be more confident in using it

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                                                              Stephen Cartwright

                                                                  I’ve never used Padlet, though am looking forward to. Has anyone tried using it with individual students rather than just with a class? I’m wondering if it could be a useful tool for using with a one-to-one student.

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                                                                  Gez Edwards

                                                                      Thanks for your comments, @dwi & @stevec . I’m sure by the end of the course you’ll feel much more confident using the tools we cover, Dwi. Looking forward to hearing how your students respond.

                                                                      Yes, you could definitely use it with a one-to-one, Steve. The big plus is interactions, of course, so this would be a bit limited, but you could definitely get a lot out of it by using it for brainstorming with your student, and revisiting it later, doing asynchronous tasks like homework and giving feedback. The number of different types of media that you can include makes it a really rich experience too (text, images, audio, video, maps etc)

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