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      David Read

          If you have any feedback or comments at the end of the second unit, we’d appreciate them. These can be comments about the content itself or about the site and the ease of use. However, please don’t feel under obligation to add anything here if time doesn’t permit.

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          Babruwan Kore

              Dear Tutors,

              The article on integrating corpora and the subsequent units have boosted my confidence about using corpora in teaching.


              Babruwan Kore

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              Vera Duncanson

                  I find the readings useful in that they are helping to see patterns in activities/exercises of how corpora can be used in the classroom. At the same time, it terms of the corpora/tools the authors are referring to, their writing becomes outdated very quickly, because new, more user-friendly, software, with more useful features, is developing all the time. That’s where a course like this becomes very important because it guides you to the newest tools and features.

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                  Anastasios Asimakopoulos

                      Thank you @vera-t. We selected the readings with the teachers and students in mind.

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