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      Nick Murgatroyd

          If you have any feedback or comments at the end of the second unit, we’d appreciate them. These can be comments about the content itself or about the site and the ease of use. However, please don’t feel under obligation to add anything here if time doesn’t permit.

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          lan tang

              Actually I prefer to use Quizlet in my teaching experience.  my students have limited vocabularies  because of lack of interest in learning English. I think Quizlet is a good way to arouse their interest and can motivate them to participate in the class.

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              WEI XIE

                  The vedios don’t work now

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                  Nick Murgatroyd

                      Hi @wei-xie Sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties with the videos. They all seem to be working here. Is YouTube blocked where you are?

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                      Tomasz Czuprynski

                          Really good unit @nick. Nor sure if I’m using the @ correctly. The start of this course seem to have coincided with the beginning of the semester at the USIC/Sheffield. The first week is usually really busy – not sure if this is doable at all but perhaps starting the course 1 week after the official university or USIC start dates would give UK based participants a little more time to dive into the course/appreciate its content. On the other hand, I understand this would be difficult to do as many of course participants come from around the world/different teaching contexts. Great we will now have 2 weeks to cover Unit 3 – very much needed space for reflection/practice/catching up. Really looking forward to Unit 3. Thank you!

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                          Hieu Kieu

                              I really enjoyed Unit 2, esp learning about the SAMR framework. I used Quizlet before and my students particularly liked the flash cash function to break into complicated concepts or terminologies of mouthful pronunciations.

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                              Jemma Prior

                                  I was sceptical at the beginning as I felt Socrative was too difficult and Quizlet was too frivolous. However, I have now used Quizlet several times and the students were engaged. I liked the SAMR framework a lot as I feel it’s important to have a theoretical framework to help me understand the value (or not) of certain approaches, as well as to be able to explain to others why I might think an approach is useful (or not).  It will help me immensely to evaluate critically any moves to digitalise (existoing or new) activities I use in class.

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                                  Delvi Wahyuni Delvi Wahyuni

                                      The highlight of this unit is the SAMR framework. Now, I begin to see why we have something called “technology enhanced learning.”

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                                      Nilay Eyre

                                          I agree with @delvi and @hkieu that the introduction of the SAMR framework is indeed useful to help me to look at how I use technology in class more critically.

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