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      David Read

          If you have any feedback or comments at the end of the third unit, we’d appreciate them. These can be comments about the content itself or about the site and the ease of use. However, please don’t feel under obligation to add anything here if time doesn’t permit.

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          Wiputra Cendana

              Thank you David and team for every good meat that you have put on the plate. It is very rich and helpful. It means a lot.

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              Nilsa Pereyra

                  Great unit and tools!

                  I might give more time to put videos into practice, it’s hard to re-plan or adapt an already developed planning to try the content from the course. In fact, that’s something that may apply to all units, so far. The tools are useful, well explained to use but I’m always in a rush to re-design my lesson so I can use it with my students, … otherwise we’d be asking too many favours by the end of the course :D

                  I do appreciate the tutorings as well.

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                    Gez Edwards

                        It’s a good point, @nilsa – we do include a lot of new tools on the course, so it might need a bit of discretion as to how receptive your classes are to trying a new one (or two) each week – ideally you’d have a few different classes you can try them on so no one group gets overloaded, but we appreciate that not everyone is in that situation :-)

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                      Siti Asmiyah

                          I am excited with the tools we need to practice in the course. As I am not too digitally literate, I am a bit left behind as trying out the tools take longer time for me. However, I like the management of the learning tasks in the module. Unfortunately I have my semester break so I cannot try out the tools to real students (the students taking my course). The tutors have done great in bringing all of the materials to us.

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                          Stephen Cartwright

                              Thank you, I particularly enjoyed this unit as it made me revisit resources and activities I’d used previously, plus it introduced many more.

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