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      Juliet Parfitt

          Please share the link to your presentation below and also add short answers to the following two questions:

          1. How long did it take you to create the presentation?
          2. What aspect of the presentation took the longest for you to create? (e.g. creating the next/back buttons)

          Do try to take a look at a couple of other presentations created by participants but don’t feel under obligation to comment on them as we will do that.

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          Akiko IWATA

              Hi, everyone.

              This is mine.

              Akiko_Passive Voice (1):

              I failed to link some of the next buttons (I think I linked it all but some didn’t work), and to hide some speech bubbles, but otherwise I could complete the tasks.

              1. It took 2.5 hours to create, but I watched videos and read guide,  which took another two hours.

              2. I wanted to show the speech bubble, counting reading speed of the learners, and it took time to check it.

              Another one that took time is to check the link of next button (I haven’t check whether “back” button works or not because time is out for me) and see the flow of the slide.

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              ann clayton

                  Ann C


                  For me, the process is a very steep learning curve, what I have produced this time, I could produce far faster next time, with more uniformity and more slides

                  1. How long did it take you to create the presentation? 10 hours?
                  2.What aspect of the presentation took the longest for you to create?  Formatting takes me time (one of the slides is still not formatted in the same way as the others), trying to get a uniform  overall look and exploring the different features, tool bars and short cuts e.g. control and drag to copy and paste. Trying to time reading speed with the animations. Next time it would be much quicker to this. In the end I just tried to concentrate to get the basic elements of the task done!


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                  Tania Pacheco


                      This is my link:

                      It took me about 10 hours to create this. Storyline got paralised several times and I’ve missed my work few times. Well, it was ok, I’ve learnt a lot. The task was a proper piece of craft to do.

                      I’ve struggled with the triggers, I’ve got confused. For example, In my mind when creating a trigger and selecting “previous slide” makes me think that it will go automatically to the previous slide, but it did not, unless you specify the name of the previous slide.

                      I was very confused between “object triggers” and “player triggers”. What is the difference? I ended up removing all those “player triggers” from my slides and I think the navigation works ok. Do they come as default?

                      I’ve spent a long time with the timelines because either it was too quick or too slow.

                      I also had issues trying to add the link for the practice task. It crashed twice, so at the end I did not created, it is just there as decoration.

                      Overall, it was entertaining to discover this tool! :mail:

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                      Helen Shaw-Cotterill

                          This took me a loooong time to do. A lot of learning by doing and trial and error went on. I got frustrated at times but I felt I got a bit quicker towards the end (or maybe I was willing that to happen!)

                          I had to play around a lot with the timelines as things were coming in too fast or too slow. There was a lot of time spent previewing each and every slide multiple times to check everything!!

                          Anyway, here is my link:






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                          Joanne Tindall

                              @david and @juliet

                              Well, this took a while, but I have done something I think is OK.

                              It was quite time consuming although I did learn one short-cut of highlighting all the parts and then animating them together. Of course all the animation is the same, but it worked OK.

                              I tried to space out the timing of the bubbles to give ss time to read it before the next one comes in….not sure if that works well?

                              I tried to embed a relevant Wordwall practice on the last slide, but that link doesn’t work – not sure why….

                              I would like to have a lovely avatar like Tania and Helen have been using they look great, but my skills aren’t up to that!

                              I copied from Helen a bit in terms of some of the bubble colours and format as I think this simple style works really well.

                              Any comments gratefully received.

                              Passive Voice

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                                David Read

                                    hi @jomtindall I’ve made some comments on the Review, some effective use of buttons to control the release of information. In the live session this week I did a demonstration of using next buttons, so if you go to this video at around 19:00, it might help.

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                                  Joanne Tindall

                                      P.S. I couldn’t make the ‘Next’ button work either……

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                                      David Read

                                          @helen-sc I felt it was worth the effort though :good: I’ve made a few comments in review, but overall very nicely designed, good use of interactivity, student control, coherence throughout. Hope you enjoyed creating it!

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                                          Helen Shaw-Cotterill

                                              Thank you @david

                                                – Tania told us in the zoom session on Monday about bitmoji     where you can create an avatar of yourself. It’s very easy to do – I’m not at all tech savvy so if I can do it, anyone can!! :yes:

                                              I then looked at the ‘stickers’ of my avatar and ‘snipped’ them  to add in to slides – you’ll see them in my ‘quiz’ slides in the next unit .

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                                                Joanne Tindall

                                                    Brilliant! I’ll have a look. Many thanks!

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                                                  Richard Davie

                                                      Sorry, just proof of work so far, but working on how to transfer what I had set up in PPT into the Storyline format (it certainly doesn’t import without problems!) More to come.

                                                      Richard Davie's passive presentation (in progress)


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                                                        David Read

                                                            hey @egq22rd (Richard) i’ll take a look soon at your content, but yes, importing from Powerpoint can be a bit of a crapshoot, it doesn’t share all the same animation/design/font elements so thinks might look a bit off when you import. You have to make a decision whether it’s more work to make all those adjustments once imported or easier to just start from scratch!!

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                                                          Amon Ezike


                                                              Here is my work, I think it covers the basic

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