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      David Read

          If you have any feedback or comments at the end of the seventh unit, we’d appreciate them. These can be comments about the content itself or about the site and the ease of use. However, please don’t feel under any obligation to add anything here if time doesn’t permit.

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          Wiputra Cendana

              I love to see you in the classroom. It is very rich and detail learning experiences in order to enhance the students English skills with technology. It is truly effective for the time and great classroom management.

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              Dawid Juraszek

                  This unit gave me new ideas about how to supplement my relying on Normally I would use google as a tool for checking out if a particular collocation or even a longer phrase is idiomatic (by putting it in parentheses and looking up if it shows up and in how many and what kind of sources/contexts), but as google is not available where I teach, these corpus tools might help fill some of that gap.

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                  Siti Asmiyah

                      I love the unit as it refreshes me the materials I have learnt from the corpus course for teachers. Similar to Wiputra, I love watching David teaching and can feel the vibe of the engaging, hands on and practical activities.

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                      Ian Coleman

                          Really nice unit – lots to experiment with. Thanks!

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                          Stephen Cartwright

                              Thank you for this unit, corpus linguistics is an area I’ve not looked at for a while. Thank you for highlighting its importance and for the interesting ideas and links.

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