snip and sketch

How to take a photo of your computer screen

It’s really helpful sometimes to be able to take a picture (screenshot) of your computer screen. Maybe there is a problem with a programme and you need to send it to someone or you want to show someone where to click on a screen in a quick and easy. 

On Windows 10, you can do this using a tool called Snip and Sketch. 

To find it, go into Windows search and search for snip and sketch (1) and click on the option that comes up (2).  

You will be given various options for the kind of picture you want to take. You might want to take a picture of a rectangular portion of the screen (1), you might want to freehand draw (using the mouse) round a specific area of the screen (2) or you might just need to take a picture of the whole screen (3). Select the option you want. 

Once you have done taken the photo, it will show it in the Snip and Sketch app. You have various editing options at the top (1), such as cropping (removing parts) or annotating (drawing over bits of the phot0) and you can then Save the photo to your computer (2). 

This guide is specifically about Windows 10 but if you want to learn how to take a picture of your screen on your mobile phone or any other computer/device, this website provides a clear guide.