Instructional Design for Language Teachers

Our Instructional Design for Language Teachers course can help experienced teachers design flipped and asynchronous materials

10 weeks

This is a fully online course which you can take at your own pace. Study during the week when it is convenient for you.

Practical syllabus

The focus of this course is on developing practical design skills to be able to create asynchronous content immediately


Through forums, interactive content and weekly Zoom sessions you will feel part of a learning community

Upcoming course dates

7th October - 13th December 2024

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FAQs about the course

Who is the course for exactly?

This course is designed for anyone at a language school/institution who needs to develop flipped and/or asynchronous online materials for courses. This might be a teacher or an admin/technical person with special responsibilities for creating interactive content to add to their virtual learning environment. This might be to complement a face to face or an online course. 

What level of technical knowledge should I have?

This course is designed for people with a reasonable comfort level with technology. To be able to participate in the course we recommend you should be comfortable: 

  • using presentation tools such as Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides
  • Managing/adding documents and files to a virtual learning environment such as Blackboard, Moodle or Google Classroom. 
  • Using web-based tools such as Padlet,  Quizlet or similar. 
How long is the course?

The course is 10 weeks’ long and the course modules are released on a Monday at 10.00 (UK time)

How many hours a week will I have to study?

We estimate around 5-6 hours a week. This is a reasonably intensive course that does require time to work through the content and get comfortable with the various technology tools used to create content. 

Do I ever need to be online at a specific time?

Yes. Once a week for one hour you will need to be available for a Zoom session. At the start of the course you will be surveyed to find out what times you are available during the week and we’ll offer several slots during the week for you to choose from. 

What do I need to do to complete the course?

You need to complete all the units and contribute reasonably to the course forums. If you do these things, you will finish the course successfully and qualify for a certificate. At the end of the course there is an optional final individual assignment for you to complete. There is no assessment/pass mark as such as we view this as a formative and developmental course.

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, you will, issued by the ELTC, University of Sheffield. However, there are no credits attached to this course, it’s purely developmental. Please note though that to receive the certificate, you need to complete all the units and contribute regularly to the course forums.

Will I have access to the course after it has finished?

In some form, yes. You will be given permanent access to a self-study version of the course containing most of the content and you will be able to access the course forum via a special group set up. 

Course aims and syllabus

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Apply for a course

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