mobile phone picture

It’s all about the apps..

Well, this week we are back to our usual one-week unit, this one on the divisive topic of mobile phones (available Friday 11th March at 10.00 UK time). Most teachers have a bit of a love-hate relationship with these mobile devices. We know that they can be useful in so many ways as there’s so much power packed inside them and so many learning opportunities in the apps you can download, but at the same time they can be incredibly distracting for students during the lessons. We don’t want to skirt this issue. In fact, we address it head on at the start of the unit but then go on to explore how we can exploit these device in and outside the classroom.

Some of you may still be in catch-up mode, and that’s ok, but it might be worth just clicking into this unit to read about the Final Assignment. This is  the final reflective task you need to do on the course to officially complete it and it’s due on Friday 7th January (for Chinese teachers it will be later, please see the page for details) so do take a look ahead if necessary to find out more about it. There’s a space on that page if you want to ask any questions as well.