Learning Technologies in EAP

Our Learning Technologies in EAP course is an online programme designed to help EAP teachers
feel more confident and capable using technology in their classrooms and with their students.

10 weeks

This is a fully online course which you can take at your own pace. Study during the week when it is convenient for you

3-4 hours a week

We understand you are busy and don’t expect you to work too many hours to complete the course

Practical syllabus

The focus of this course is on developing practical technology skills to take immediately into the classroom.


Through forums, interactive content and drop-in sessions with the tutors, you’ll feel part of a learning community

Upcoming course dates

15th January - 22nd March 2024

course price:


FAQs about the course

Who is the course for exactly?

If you are an EAP teacher, see value in using technology but lack the confidence to go into the classroom and try things out, this course is for you.


Or maybe you’ve tried using technology with students in the classroom but things haven’t gone as successfully as you hoped.


This course will give you the confidence and skill set to use technology comfortably in class and to advise students on how they can use technology outside the classroom for self-study purposes.


Please note that this is a practical course, so it is strongly recommended that you only take the course if you will actually be teaching students during it.


This will make it far more meaningful as you can try out things on a weekly basis and share your experiments with the other people on the course.


Will this course teach me how to use Zoom?

No, the purpose of this course is to focus on technology tools that can be integrated into both online courses (using Zoom etc) or face to face ones. Indirectly, we hope that you will get ideas from the course that will enhance your online teaching, but it’s not the main focus. 

How long is the course?

The course is 10 weeks’ long and the course modules are released on a Friday at 10.00 (UK time)

How many hours a week will I have to study?

We estimate around 3-4 hours a week. We understand that you have busy working lives and we don’t want to pile too much on top of that. We also hope that it integrates well with your teaching, so some of those hours are a natural part of what you do anyhow. 

Do I ever need to be online at a specific time?

Generally, no. The idea behind the course is that you can work through it at times in the week that are suitable for you, whether that’s early morning, evening or weekends. There are only two times during the course where you may need to be online at a specific time. Around three weeks into the course we give you the option of an online one to one chat with one of the tutors to discuss progress. Also at the end  of the course we run a webinar to sum up the course and share experiences. And both of those are optional anyhow, so it’s really your choice. 

What do I need to do to complete the course?

You need to complete all the modules and contribute reasonably to the course forums. In module 4 there will be a collaborative task with other members of the course that you will need to complete and at the end of the course there is a short final individual assignment for you to complete. If you do all these things, you will finish the course successfully and qualify for a certificate. There is no assessment/pass mark as such as we view this as a formative and developmental course.

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, you will, issued by the ELTC, University of Sheffield. However, there are no credits attached to this course, it’s purely developmental. Please note though that to receive the certificate, you need to complete all the final assignment and contribute regularly to the course forums.

Will I have access to the course after it has finished?

In some form, yes. You will be given permanent access to a self-study version of the course containing most of the content and you will be able to access the course forum via a special group set up. 

Course aims and syllabus

Scholarship course places

As part of our commitment to supporting teachers without the financial capacity to pay for the course, we offer 3-5 free scholarship places on each course we run. 

Please note that these places are only available for teachers OUTSIDE the UK, USA, Australia and Canada and candidates are chosen based on their suitability and appropriacy for the course. If you wish to apply, please click the button below:

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