Interact: Using teacher competency frameworks


To say something about the topic

Approx. 30 minutes

Using teacher competency frameworks for your CPD

TASK: Find out more about what these competencies mean here. Choose two or three key competencies for your current job and for each competency identify two elements you feel comfortable with and one area you would like to explore for development. Write your ideas in your personal notebook and establish an action plan to develop in the areas you have chosen.  

Example: Below you can see an example from Manuel’s CPD journal. 

Manuel’s evaluation

The competencies I want to focus on are: 

  • Taking responsibility for professional development
  • Using inclusive practices

For the competency ‘Taking responsibility for professional development’, I would say the points I feel more comfortable with are:  

  • Understanding my professional needs, interests and learning preferences. 
  • Being aware of appropriate professional development opportunities and resources to inform my classroom practice (especially collaborating with colleagues, attending conferences, observing other teachers and being observed). 

An area that I would like to work on in this competency is engaging a little bit more in appropriate professional development, exploring areas such as presenting at conferences or doing some teacher research. 

For using inclusive practices, I feel comfortable valuing diversity in the classroom and supporting learners in their own development. I would like to know more about how I can make my learning environment more inclusive. 

Example of action plan: Presenting at conferences

  • Identify an area that I would like to talk about in a teacher conference
  • Read a little bit more about this area
  • Find conferences I could go to
  • Watch the recording from IATEFL about how to present at international conferences: How to give a presentation at an international conference 
  • Apply to present at the conference. 
  • Prepare the presentation
  • Give the presentation

Other development frameworks

TASK:There are many different development frameworks and these often vary depending on country or institution. If you can, find out more about the development framework at your institution and assess your development journey. You may also want to explore the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

  • What career stage are you at according to the framework you have chosen?
  • What could you do to progress to the next level?

Remember that you may be in different stages depending on the competency being analysed.