Interact: Ways of developing your practice


To say something about the topic

Approx. 30 minutes

Professional development activities

TASK: Brainstorm a list of activities teachers can engage in to continue developing. 

Spend a few minutes adding ideas to the example below. 


Mind map/brainstorm diagram with Continuing Professional Development at the centre and Take a Course given as an example.
Continuing Professional Development opportunities

  • Take a course 
  • Read a book or article
  • Attend a workshop
  • Observe a colleague
  • Be observed
  • Join a community
  • Reflect

Active reading


Read the following article from the British Council website: Ways to continuing professional development and answer these questions: 

  • What activities do teachers usually engage in to develop their practice?
  • Which activities would you like to find more information about / try in the future?

Make some notes in your personal notebook. These notes will be useful when you are asked to share your ideas about professional development later in this section.