Orientation Unit

Hi and welcome to this short orientation unit for Being a Teacher Trainer. The purpose of this short unit is to welcome you to the course, to learn a bit more about the other participants, and to familiarise yourself with some key teacher training concepts before the main course starts. This unit also allows you to practise and interact with the online learning tools we are using throughout the course. You can begin by watching the welcome video and reading the more detailed objectives below and then get started by clicking on the first topic - Getting Started - at the bottom.

Nicholas Northall

Course Tutor

Hi and welcome to the orientation unit of your Being a Teacher Trainer course. This short unit has been designed to orientate you to the whole course. It shows you how to get the most from the course and includes details of how to use the various learning tools we employ. During this unit, you’ll find out some information about your tutors and have the opportunity to share something about yourself and your teaching or training context. You’ll also have the chance to find out more about the other participants on the course. You’ll also find useful and relevant content here too, including key terminology we refer to throughout the course as well as information about different teacher training contexts. 

So, let’s get started. Click on ‘Getting Started’ under the Unit Content icon below.

Thanks and bye:)

Aims of the unit: