Your experience of assessment


To reflect on your own experiences of assessment

Approx. 45 minutes

Reflecting on assessment

We’ve all had experience of taking tests and being assessed. These experiences can evoke strong feelings in us: achievement, pride, satisfaction, terror, shame, embarrassment.

Experiences like these shape our perspective of assessment and testing and reflecting on our own experiences is a good place to start when discussing this topic.

TASK: Watch this short video of a teacher reflecting on two assessments he has taken and think about the questions below. 

  • How did the experiences make the teacher feel?
  • Have you ever had experiences like these?

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Your experience

A good place to start when thinking about assessment is with your own experience of it.

TASK: Think about your own experience of being assessed / tested. Choose two tests or assessments you have done and then reflect on how each of them made you feel and why. If you want you can share your experiences in the comments at the bottom of the page.

  • What was the assessment?
  • How did it make you feel? Why?

Assessment as a teacher

As well as having our own experience of being assessed, as teachers we also have experience of being the assessor.

You will almost certainly have given your students tests and have possibly chosen or even written these exams yourself. You will also have heard a wide range of student reactions towards assessment and testing.

TASK: Read the following comments from teachers about assessment. Which reflect your own feelings?

“Assessing my learners is the only way I can check that they have understood the language I have taught them””I like to give my students short tests at the end of every week. It helps them to see areas in which they are doing well and where they need more work.””I hate testing students. I’m a teacher not a tester. It’s my job to help students to develop their ability, not to assess them.””I find assessment really stressful as my school uses my students’ test results to judge how well I’m doing my job.””Assessment is one of the areas of education that interests me the most. I also work as a speaking examiner and have helped to write tests at my school.”
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What factors might influence the way we view assessment? Try to think about this from the perspective of a learner and a teacher.