Monday: Introduction to the Psychology of Music and Well-being

Pre-Lecture Materials

The following activities will help you to prepare for the lecture by encouraging you to predict some of the content and learn the meaning of some of the key vocabulary. Don’t worry if you find it difficult to answer the prediction questions, just thinking about the questions will help you to follow the lecture.

Once you have finished the materials, return to the main lecture page and watch the lecture.

Andrew Burke

Lecture Coordinator

The title of this lecture is ‘Introduction to the Psychology of Music and Wellbeing’. Which university department do you think the lecturer will be from?

  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Medicine

Read the questions below and try to decide which will be discussed in the lecture.

Which of these words do you already know?






cognitive skills







Now match the words to the definitions. There are 15 words.

To check your answers, click the 'Check' button. To move to the next questions, click the blue arrow.

Now complete the sentences using words from the previous activity. To check your answers, click the 'Check' button.

Read the note taking template. This gives you an idea of the structure of the lecture and some of the main ideas it looks at.

Now look at the five stills taken from the lecture on the following slides. For each one try to predict:

    1. Which part of the lecture it is taken from
    2. What you think the picture shows

Keep your ideas in mind when you watch the lecture. Were you right?

Make a copy of the note-taking template to use as you watch the lecture. The questions and headings should make it easier for you to follow the lecture. If you type your notes, you might want to remove the underlinings before you start.

If you find it easier to take notes by hand you could copy the headings onto your paper, or make the spaces between the headings bigger (so you have space to write in) and print the template out.

If you feel quite confident about making notes during an English lecture, you might want to just read the template beforehand and then write your own notes.

You will use your notes in the post lecture lesson, so make keep them somewhere where it’s easy to find them again.

Now you can go back to the lecture page and watch the lecture. Don't forget to download and complete the note-taking template!

Andrew Burke

Lecture Coordinator