10.6 - Adjectives

The following text is taken from an Intermediate coursebook. In the activity, students need to choose a new assistant to work with the managers in a television and radio company. 

Read the following candidate’s profile. If you were the manager, would you like her as your assistant? Why / why not?

When deciding if you wanted her as your assistant, you probably focused on words such as reliable, popular, strong-willed. These adjectives describe the candidate, thus helping us decide if this is the right candidate for the job. Adjectives are therefore very important when describing something or someone.

Read the text again and find:
a) A comparative form 
b) A superlative form 
c) A compound adjective

Answer key

a) A comparative form – older
b) A superlative form – best
c) A compound adjective – self-confident, over-confident, strong-willed, even-tempered

Find other adjectives in the text and identify common endings for adjectives.  E.g. cooperative

Answer key

Typical endings: confident, energetic, cooperative, boring, strong-willed, even-tempered, reliable.