5.1 Introduction to the group task

What's happening in this topic?

Work together to prepare a reading lesson

Time to complete: approximately 5 mins

"As we mentioned last week, we would like you to prepare a reading lesson in a small group and to present your group ideas in a forum. During the week, you are going to learn more about teaching reading lessons, but we would like you to keep this group task in mind while you go through this week’s materials.


  • To apply the content of the lesson in a practical task that would be useful for your teaching
  • To encourage group work and collaboration on the TKT online course
  • To share some ideas about exploiting a text for reading purposes using a range of activities."


Beth Melia-Leigh, Teacher trainer

Work in the group you have been assigned by email and choose one of the following texts to prepare a reading lesson:

Alternatively, you can choose your own text but please provide it in your answers, together with reference to the materials.

Information about your group will be sent to you by email. Once you have received this information  you may want to use other platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet to get together to discuss the task. 

Work together in your group to answer the following questions, compiling your answers in a Word document. 

  • In which context would you use this text? (think about learners’ needs & characteristics).
  • How would you generate student’s interest / activate their knowledge of the world?
  • What words would you probably pre-teach? Why?
  • What question would you ask as a gist task?
  • Give an example of a detailed task (e.g. (scanning or detailed comprehension) that you would do with the text.
  • What would be your follow-up activity?
  • Check deadline and ways of submitting the task in the email sent to you with information about the group task.

You can see an example of how to do this activity here.