Attracting candidates

Topic Focus

To look at the various ways of attracting suitable candidates

60 minutes

We want to ensure our candidates know exactly what to expect before our courses begin. This will ensure that they know whether the course is going to be a good fit for them.

Task 1: Your ideas

In this first topic, we are going to explore how we can attract candidates to your courses. Before we do this, answer this question:

What do you need to consider before a course begins?

Make a note of your ideas, as we will discuss these ideas over the course of this unit. 

Task 2: School websites

Have a look at this school’s website and think about the following two questions:

What information do you think is missing to help sell these courses?
Are there any other problems with this website?

Training and Education Academy of Central Hoole (TEACH)

Training and Education Academy of Central Hoole (TEACH)

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Forget the rest, TEACH with the best!!

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Cambride CELTA – this is 1 for new teachers! Your guaranteed to pass this with our highly qualified teacher trainers! 
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Cambridge’s DELTA: The follow on from the CELTA. Take this with us as soon as you have finished CELTA. We run both modules online. 
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MA in TESOL – we run this prestigious teaching award with the local Uni. The next course starts in September and includes a bursary if you apply early!

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Tutor Information – You will study with Master TEACHer, Jim Bean (his ‘bean’ there, done that!) and his simply gorgeous set of trainer’s. Due to recent issues over contracts, were currently recruiting, so more info when we get it;). 

Last updated: 29 June 2017

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The following information is useful to have on your school’s website:

  • It is up-to-date
  • Course dates (including times and days)
  • Fees
  • Location
  • Information about tutors
  • How to apply
  • Who to contact
  • Course content: aims, assessment (where relevant), outcomes and a timetable
  • FAQs
  • Links to further information – essentially for externally accredited courses.

Also ensure your information: 

  • Is accurate (taking CELTA does not guarantee a pass; Delta has three modules and teachers usually require at least two years of post-CELTA experience to take it)
  • Has correct spelling and grammar! (too many to mention!)
  • Uses appropriate tone of language (this should be business like and professional)
  • Uses consistent fonts!
  • Has links that work and which take potential trainees where you want them to go
  • Doesn’t make promises you can’t keep (i.e. can you really supply ‘whatever a potential candidate wants’?).

Remember you are trying to attract potential teachers to your courses!

Now look at the ELTCs Teacher Training website. Do you think the information given there meets the criteria mentioned in the previous exercise?

Now check your school’s website – if you don’t currently work for a school, explore one you have worked at before. Do you think it will attract potential trainees?

Task 3: Testimonials

Both pre-service and experienced teachers can be told several times about the contents of a course and, if it is particularly demanding, the challenges. However, in many cases, this is not enough, especially when the information is coming from a trainer. It’s important, therefore, to include testimonials from previous trainees as this can give potential participants insights from people who have actually completed the course.

Read the following information about providing testimonials from previous candidates and try to fill in the missing information.

Look at some of the testimonials on our DELTA website.

Do you think they would attract potential candidates? 
Would you want to see any further information?
What do you think about successful graduates talking to potential trainees?

Task 4: Tasters

A hands-on way to attract candidates is to offer tasters of what the course actually entails. 

Look at part of this outline for a taster session run at the ELTC.

Answer the question below, then click Show Answer when you are ready to check.

Think first
Show answer
Who do you think the session is aimed at?

Pre-service teachers (i.e. those who have no or very little experience of teaching English).

Do you think this would work in your context? If not, what would you change? What would you add/delete?

It can be a good idea to provide a taster of what your courses involve. This could be in the form of a workshop (as in the example handout above) or an observation of a real lesson (live or recorded). New teachers may find such tasters to be very informative especially if they have not experienced a language lesson for some time. For online courses, another possible way to attract candidates is to offer a small sample of your courses for free.

Task 5: Advertising courses

Complete the brainstorming activity below. When the time is up, press the switch to see our suggestions.

Suggested answers

Take 1 minute to brainstorm as many ways to advertise a course that you can think of. Write them down.


  • Maintaining an up-to-date website

There are various ways in which you can advertise your teacher training courses. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Keeping your website up to date 
  • Word of mouth
  • On social media (facebook, twitter, instagram)
  • Taking out paid adverts on social media targeting certain groups of people
  • Taking out advertisements in local media
  • Taking out advertisements in national or international EFL media (such as the EL Gazette)
  • Advertising at local or international conferences (such as IATEFL). 
  • Approaching local schools and universities to offer courses to their teachers or students 
  • Contacting previous trainees/students
How do/will you attract potential candidates to your courses?
Do you use any of the methods mentioned in this topic?