Contacting each other

Topic Focus

To contact at least one other course participant.

10 minutes

Throughout this course, we ask you to work together with other course members. Here we want you to contact at least one other member.

Task 1: Course organisation and working collaboratively with other participants

Think first
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Can you remember how the course is organised? Are you expected to work with other course participants?

As you probably know the course has been organised into eight distinct units with each one dealing with a different aspect of teacher training. You may have chosen to study a select number of units or the whole course. 

Most of the course consists of asynchronous content which can be completed on your own at a time suitable to you. However, some of the units contain group work tasks – you can choose whether you complete these at the same time (i.e. synchronously) or not (i.e. asynchronously). We will either allocate you into groups or ask you to choose who you want to work with.

See the FAQs for more information about how the course is organised.

Task 2: How to contact each other using the Foundry

Now watch this video about how to contact each other. You can also view these instructions as a text file

NB: This video does not contain sound. 

Task 3: Contacting each other

Using the method outlined in the video in Task 2, contact at least one other member of the group, preferably someone who works in the same or a similar context, and share a top tip about teaching or training in your context.