Contexts in which to use this course

Topic Focus

To explore different teacher training contexts for working with teachers.

15 minutes

Working with teachers can be quite a broad spectrum involving a range of different training contexts.

Task 1: Training contexts

What do you understand by the term Training context?

Training Context:

This refers to the different types of training situations you may find yourself working in or the different types of teachers you may work with. These contexts may range from working with new (pre-service) teachers to experienced practising (in-service) teachers. They may also include training online or in a blended environment, working on an internationally accredited course or working in a small language school with local teachers.

Now complete the drag and drop exercise below.

Task 2: Reflection

Which ones have you experienced?
Which ones do you want to know more about?

You will get the opportunity to share your ideas about these questions in the next topic. We will also explore different teacher training concepts throughout this course.