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Course feedback

What’s happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 15 mins

In this topic we ask for some feedback on the whole course.  

The last thing we really want to get from you is some feedback on the course. I know we’ve done this along the way with some the individual units but we’d like some global feedback about the whole course. Below is a short(ish) feedback form and we’d really appreciate it if you filled that out. Any comments focusing on what worked or didn’t work would be extremely useful in helping us make it better for the next time we run it.

Because this is the end of the course and because – I hope – we have build up a pretty decent relationship with you, we haven’t made this feedback anonymous. A few reasons for this:

1) we do want to be able to contact you to check on anything you’ve said about the course – not to question it of course, but just so we can get more detailed feedback if necessary.

2) During the feedback, we ask for some quotes from you to use in possible future advertising for the course, it’s obviously more useful if we can put someone’s name to a quote rather than just ‘anonymous’

Ok, just scroll below and fill out the form: