Develop your learning

Topic Focus

In Unit 5 you looked at extensive reading and how this can help to improve your (and your students’) English. In this unit we are going to focus on developing listening skills.

20 minutes

Look at these problems faced by second language English learners when trying to understand  spoken English.

Can you relate to any of these problems? Can you add any more? How about your students? What typical problems do they face with their listening?

What can you do to improve your listening skills? And how can you encourage your students to develop their listening skills both in and out of the classroom? Brainstorm some top tips and then share your ideas with your group on the Google Doc. Remember to comment on each other’s contributions.

For example: I can listen to podcasts on topics I am interested in. I can introduce my students to important features of connected speech such as linking and weak forms.

Here you will find lots and lots of extra ideas and activities for developing listening skills both in and out of the classroom

An interview about listening skills | Listening – Intermediate B1  

Choose three of your favourite ideas and come up with an action plan to put them into practice.