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Discussion: the pros and cons of using mobile phones

What’s happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 20 mins

In this topic you’ll have a chance to debate the pros and cons of using mobile devices with your students. 

Ok, let’s get started with a little debate about mobile phones and devices in the classroom as it’s the obvious elephant in the room here. We know some teachers who actually collect students’ mobile phones at the start of the lesson in a box and won’t let them have them back till the end. Others are happy to let them use them for all kinds of purposes. Where do you stand? Below, we’ve embedded a Padlet where you can add your idea(s).

You can see there is a question at the top and then you can add your own opinion to either column by clicking the sign at the base. You can also respond to other people’s arguments by clicking comment beneath their opinion.

If you are really keen, you can even vote on who you think has presented a good argument by using the thumbs up and down symbols (don’t worry, voting is anonymous and won’t go to a recount!). So go ahead, let us know what you think….

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