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Final course assignment

What’s happening in this topic?

Time to complete: quite a while

In this topic we’ll explain about the final course assignment you need to complete. 

Before we get started on the unit, we just wanted to give you a quick heads-up about the final course assignment. This is a requirement for completing the course and being issued with a course certificate, but we think it’s a genuinely interesting and worthwhile process to go through to help sum up your learning on the course.

So, what do we have to do?

Basically, we want you to share some examples of work you’ve produced and answer a few questions to reflect on the tools and skills you’ve learned about and tried during this course:

a. Which tool(s) have you found most useful/engaging and which do you believe you’ll use again in the future with your classes?

b. What have you learnt about using technology in the classroom and how will this change your classroom practice?

c. What areas or questions about technology would you like to explore in the future?

What format does it need to be in?

Obviously it would be a bit too easy – and not terribly interesting – for you to just jot this down on a document and send it on to us or maybe just add it to a forum. No, we are going to make you “earn” your certificate.

We want you to provide the links to your examples and include your answers to the reflective questions using a digital tool. We think our old friend Padlet may be the best tool for this, but feel free to use something else like a Google Slide. Just make sure it’s something you can share.

But remember, this is the last opportunity to get any feedback and guidance on your tech use, so try push yourself a little and integrate different tools (e.g. take a video of yourself and embed it into your reflection). You can see an example of the kind of thing we have in mind on this padlet.

When is it due by?

The deadline is Friday 8th January, which is after the official end of the course, so that hopefully should give you time to get it done. However, if you think that might be difficult to manage due to personal/professional circumstances, please contact us on eltc.tel@sheffield.ac.uk and I’m sure we can come to an arrangement. 

How do we share it with you?

In the final unit (unit 8), there will be a special forum topic thread where you will be asked to share your final assignment. 

What if we have questions about this?

There’s a comments box below where you can ask general questions about the final assignment. We make this open to everyone as others may have similar questions so they can see if they have been answered already.

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