Further reading

Topic Focus

To read further articles about becoming a teacher trainer.


You may find the following useful for further developing your understanding of planning courses. 


A Practical Introduction to Teaching Training in ELT (2015) by John Hughes (Pavilion)
Chapter 6 (Managing teacher training) shares practical advice about setting up both in-house and external programmes including handy photocopiable resources for finding out training needs and timetabling input sessions and observations.  

Etpedia Teacher Training: 500 ideas for teacher training in English language teaching (2020) by Beth Melia-Leighand Nicholas Northall (Pavilion ELT) 
Units 4-6 expand on the ideas in this Unit and include many photocopiable resources for immediate use. 

Language Teacher Education (1998) by Jon Roberts (Arnold)
Although a little heavy going, unit 3 analyses different theoretical approaches to designing teacher education courses (or curriculum), unit 4 discusses the pre-conditions at play when designing a pre-service course, while unit 7 focuses on various considerations in designing an in-service teacher training course. 

Research articles

The following research based articles are also useful to develop your understanding of planning courses.

How to Integrate the Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Trainer Training Courses (2013) by Cholpon Musaeva from Assessing and Evaluating English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning

Needs analysis for English language teacher development Lessons from Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh (2015) by David Hayes from Ensuring Quality in English Language Teacher Education

The role of initial teacher training courses in the professional development of experienced non-native-speaker English language